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Best things to do in Rovinj

Located on the western coast of Croatia’s much-loved region of Istria is a coastal city called Rovinj. Rovinj was traditionally a fishing port and today, it still offers that sense of locality and community to do. It’s often described as a romantic and historic town, and with expansive views of the Adriatic Sea along the coastline of Rovinj, it certainly is a picturesque destination. Here are a few ideas of best things to do during your vacation in Rovinj.

Rovinj Old Town

Walk the narrow alleyways of Old Town

Like many other Croatian towns and cities, Rovinj has an Old Town which is regarded as the central hub. It’s full of cobbled streets and narrow alleyways with independent shops and cafes on every corner. Either side of the streets are tall stone buildings that have rich architectural history behind them. Some of these buildings are painting yellow and terracotta which is often replicated in other Mediterranean towns. These cobbled streets truly are charming. As you look up in the alleyways, it’s likely you’ll see blue skies and washing lines, full of local washing and bed sheets. Some say that Rovinj reminds them of intimate, narrow streets in Italy.

La Puntulina

Dine at Rovinj Waterfront

The Rovinj waterfront is worth visiting when you are wandering the charming streets of Rovinj. This area is beautiful. Trendy bars, and independent restaurants line the waterfront, each offering views across the shimmering Adriatic Sea. A must-visit restaurant and wine bar on the Rovinj waterfront is La Puntulina is a family-run restaurant, running for over 15 years. This restaurant offers a culinary blend of local delicacies and fresh seafood. You will not be disappointed when it comes to dining in Rovinj. 

Brijuni Islands

Boat trip across to the Brijuni Islands

You can visit the Brijuni Islands from several towns in Istria and other islands, but it works well as a day trip from Rovinj. Located off the Peninsula of Istria, the Brijuni Islands are key archaeological sites and certainly offer a landscape completely different to mainland Croatia. On the western coast is Verige Bay which is a bay of blue azure waters contrasting against vibrant green forests. Other sites to see on the islands are olive farms and the Mediterranean gardens. On these islands you can also see footprints of ancient reptiles and dinosaurs who used to roam millions of years ago.

Olive Farm Rovinj

Visit local olive farms

Known for its vineyards and olive farms, Rovinj (and Istria) is a foodie’s dream! Not only does it offer exquisite dining and exceptional restaurants, Rovinj is special because it offers travelers a chance to see the ‘start’ of the cooking experience. This area has had over 2,000 years of cultivating olive trees – something that the local families and producers are very proud of. It is part of their history and heritage so we certainly recommend visiting a local olive farm, as well as sampling the olive oil. We can help organize transfers and tours.


Relax on the beach

Although there is so much to see and do in Rovinj (and Istria in general), one of the best things to do is to sit back and enjoy a day on the beach. The sparkling waters of the Adriatic Sea and the Dalmatian Coast should be embraced, and there are some fantastic beaches in Rovinj that you can visit. The best time to visit the beaches are in the summer months between June and September, but it’s worth noting that the months of July and August can get very busy.

Some of the more known beaches in Rovinj include Amarin Beach, Porton Biondi Beach and Borik Beach. These are all within walking distance of the main town and offer a range of facilities to make your beach day comfortable (nearby cafes, toilets, deck chair hires and showers). There are some beaches in Rovinj that are more obscure. Baluota Beach can be accessed from the center of the town, and offers views of the Church of St. Euphemia. This ‘beach’ is unique because it’s essentially a rocky bay. Although it isn’t the most comfortable, it offers a sun trap within walking distance from the main square.

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