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Best time to visit Dubrovnik

A city loved by travelers and locals alike, Dubrovnik is a city in southern Croatia that will most likely be either the starting or ending city to your Croatia cruise or itinerary. The city has always been a popular destination for the sights of ancient history and medieval architecture, but even more so as it now features on the global hit series Game of Thrones.

Generally speaking, Dubrovnik can be visited year-round, but the warmer months in Croatia are around April/May through to October. These months offer warm temperatures, days of full sunshine and a vast choice of local tours, private excursions and Croatia cruises to choose from. Here is a brief guide to when to go to Dubrovnik.


April to May

These are beautiful Spring months which, although they offer sunshine and pleasant weather, are regarded as the low season in Dubrovnik. Although there may be a few rainy days, temperatures average around 15°C (59°F) but in the sunshine, it will feel warmer. The city generates so much business through tourism. During the winter months when there are few tourists, many of the hotels, restaurants, bars and excursions are usually closed, or very limited with open dates and times in Dubrovnik. In April, this is when hospitality really starts to open up.

Heading into May, almost all of the restaurants, bars and hotels are open and will slowly start to fill up with travelers from across the world. May is slightly warmer, particularly as you head into late May and early June.


June to August

June is the start of the high season, with hotter temperatures and more stable weather conditions. As more travelers visit Dubrovnik, the city livens up with music events and cultural shows. Many of the restaurants and bars will offer alfresco dining and drinking, so you can soak up the rays whilst watching the world go by. June is a popular time for Croatia cruises so heading into late June and early July, except busier streets and some potentially crowds or queues.

July and August are the peak months to travel to Dubrovnik. With school holidays falling within July and August for the UK, Europe and America, the city of Dubrovnik definitely gets busier with more families on cruises and Croatia trips. The sea temperature is much warmer during July and August so if you are looking to swim in the sea or enjoy watersports activities, this is a great time to visit.

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Cable car to Srd Mountain, Dubrovnik

September to October

With many children back to school in September, there are far less families and travelers in Dubrovnik in September. In our opinion, it is one of the best months to visit Dubrovnik because the weather is still very warm and the atmosphere of the city is still great. The cliff bars and restaurants are still full with travelers touring around Croatia, or coming off a Croatia cruise. The hotel prices are considerably lower because September and October are not deemed as peak season.

Heading into October, although the weather and sea temperature is cooling down, Dubrovnik still offers sunshine and a great atmosphere in October. For those who don’t enjoy walking around the city in really hot temperatures, this is a great time for you to explore Dubrovnik. The cruising season is May until mid October so, towards the end of the month, the city starts to noticeably quieten down.

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Dubrovnik at Christmas

November to March

Dubrovnik really quietens down from November onwards. Most of the restaurants, bars and hotels close during the winter months (November to May) because of lack of tourism. It is simply not sustainable for them to remain open with few visitors. Our Croatia cruises only run between May to mid-October so there will be very few ships docked in Dubrovnik and day visitors during this time. Visiting Dubrovnik at Christmas time is a memorable occasion, as the streets of the city are lined with charming Christmas markets, local food stands and decorations.

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