10 Reasons Why Croatia Needs To Be Your Next Vacation Hot Spot

Croatia is blessed with impressive history and culture, beautiful nature, spectacular scenery, and food and drink that will satisfy your gourmet cravings. As a vacation destination, Croatia is the Eastern European hot spot that offers everything you could possibly want.

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Groznjan, Cruise Croatia
Plitvice Lakes National Park, Cruise Croatia

1. Choices Galore

Tucked away in the Adriatic Sea, Croatia is made up of 1,246 beautiful islands that offer unlimited recreational options for travelers from all over the world. You can enjoy a beach resort holiday, an adrenaline-pumping activity break, hiking and camping in nature, or 5-star luxury relaxation in a top spa hotel. Croatia’s abundance of islands provides unlimited options for you to explore. Take a look at our Croatia cruises for a truly unique way to see the country.

2. Interesting And Fun Things To Do

Wherever you choose to go to Croatia has an interesting history, fascinating culture, and architecture to admire and explore. If you are vacationing in a city you have popular attractions, museums, historic buildings, restaurants, and shops right on your doorstep. Croatia’s picturesque towns and villages also have their own unique charm and appeal.

3. Breathtaking Scenery

Considering its relatively small size, Croatia is packed full of magnificent mountainous countryside, historic sites, famous National Parks and unlimited island-hopping opportunities. Wherever you look, you are spoiled with spectacular natural panoramas that take your breath away.

5. Small Ship Cruises

Have you ever considered a small ship cruise vacation? So unlike the corporate giants that dominate many waters, our range of cruises offer a personalized, luxury experience with a maximum of just 40 guests. The ships are modern, the cabins are ensuite and spacious and the dining is gourmet. Discover the true heart of our favorite country on a Croatia cruise.

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4. Idyllic Beaches

Croatia’s crystal clear waters are perfect for swimming and recreational activities. You can go swimming off the coastline on sandy, pebble or shingle beaches, or take a refreshing plunge in one of the many beautiful secluded coves and bays. This is Zlatni Rat on Brac island – understandably one of Croatia’s most famous beaches.

Cruise Croatia, Ston
Croatian Vineyard, Cruise Croatia

6. Awesome Local Wines

Croatia’s geographical location, climate and soil are ideal for producing high quality indigenous grape varieties. Many regions have vineyards and wineries that you can visit. Sample the best quality wines in Croatia on a tasting tour, and while having dining at a local restaurant. Check out our Croatia wine cruises here.

7. Fabulous Food

Croatian cuisine is influenced by an array of different countries and cultures. Due to its coastal location, Croatian food typically features plenty of fresh fish and seafood and locally grown produce. Truffles are a special delicacy that is also found in Croatia. The oysters from the town of Ston are considered to be the best catch in the world.

8. A Friendly Welcome

People in Croatia are warm and friendly, and eager to engage you in conversation. The locals are more than happy to show you how amazing their country is.

9. Party Time

If you love to party, a Friday night visit to the hottest club in town is not to be missed. Club Revelin in Dubrovnik is built inside a medieval fortress and is the place to be seen in.

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