5 Reasons To Do a Croatia Wine Cruise

For wine enthusiasts considering a trip to the Mediterranean. There is no better way to do it than on a Croatia wine cruise.

Hvar Vineyard, Cruise Croatia
Vineyard in Vis, Croatia

The country offers spectacular scenery, outdoor adventure, a rich history and some of the most mouthwatering cuisine. It’s been making a lasting mark on the world’s wine scene, powered by fantastic small, family-run winemakers. Experiencing it on a Croatia small ship cruise means sampling some of the best as you meet winery owners and learn about the wine. While visiting gem-like islands, centuries-old cities and charming villages in between sailing the turquoise waters of the Adriatic.

Visit Small and Sought-After Family Wineries

Your Croatia cruise can bring you to visit small, highly sought-after family-run wineries like Tomic in the coastal town of Jesla on Hvar, with a tradition of wine-making that dates back 150 years. Its founder, Andro Tomic, is credited for the renaissance in wine production here, having studied wine-making and viticulture in Zagreb as well as training at wineries in France before returning to start his own commercial production. Today, with the help of his son Sebastijan, his winery produces 150,000 bottles a year, including the original Dalmatian dessert wine Prosek, along with red, white and rosé wines.

Lipanovic is another popular stop on a Croatia wine cruise. The Lipanovic family has a more than 150-year-old winemaking tradition on Vis Island that was formalized in 1998. While it produces just 23,000 bottles a year, its multiple awards show the focus here is on quality rather than quantity, popular especially for its Plavac Mali and Vugava wines.

Oyster and wine

Sample Fresh Oysters and Mussels Straight from the Sea in Ston

On any Croatian cruise, indulging in delicious, authentic dishes is a highlight, but on itineraries that visit Ston, you’ll get to indulge in a real treat. Located on the Pelješac Peninsula near Dubrovnik, the town is famous for its well-preserved walls, saltworks, mussels and oysters. The walls stretch over three miles in length, making them Europe’s longest, built in the 14th and 15th centuries. The saltworks date as far back as the 13th century, although harvesting salt is something that goes back much further, helping to contribute to the health of the Republic of Dubrovnik. Today, salt is still harvested from the sea using traditional methods.

Mali Ston Bay is where the oyster beds are found, producing what’s often considered to be among the world’s most delicious oysters. You’ll visit a farm to learn about how the delicacies are grown and harvested, tasting them, along with mussels, fresh from the sea.

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Enjoy a Wonderful Home-Hosted Meal with a Warm and Welcoming Family in Dubrovnik

The best holidays include mingling with the locals and dining on authentic meals. A Croatia wine cruise can combine both, a unique food and wine experience while making new friends in the warm atmosphere of a family home. You won’t be part of the tourist herd, your host and expert cook will welcome you in, sharing in-depth food and cooking knowledge while preparing a multi-course feast. It’s a full, enchanted evening, learning about and tasting the signature ingredients in Dalmatian and Dubrovnik fare, complete with local wine. Those who want to pitch in and learn firsthand will be welcome to do so as well. Afterwards, you’ll sit down at the table, where dinner will be served, from appetizers to the main dish with seafood or meat, and a decadent homemade dessert to top it all off. The skills you learn can be the ideal souvenir to bring back home, making and sharing your own Croatian meal.

Cruise Croatia
Split, Cruise Croatia

Meet 36 Like-Minded Food and Wine Enthusiasts On Board, From the UK, US and Australia

A Croatia small ship cruise means sailing with just 36 other passengers, typically hailing from the UK, US and Australia, on an elegant, yacht-like cruiser. As most have chosen this itinerary for similar reasons, a love of fine wine and food, and the chance to discover this beautiful country, odds are, you’ll probably have plenty in common.

Enjoy getting to know people from around the world, chatting about some of the favorite places you’ve traveled, and perhaps making some new friends in the process. On these cruises, by the time departure day rolls around, having made many fun memories together, passengers often exchange photos and contact information with others – some even meet up in the future to enjoy trips together. The laidback, uncrowded atmosphere, multiple common spaces on the ship and spacious, comfortable state rooms, make it easy to be as social as you’d like, while still being able to enjoy alone time too.

Visit Beautiful Old Towns Like Dubrovnik, Split and Korcula En Route

A cruise along the Dalmatian coast means visiting some of Croatia’s most magnificent Old Towns too. Stroll the cobblestone streets of Dubrovnik on a guided tour, exploring ancient wonders like the Renaissance and Baroque Rector’s Palace, the palace atrium for the Spice King of Qarth in the hit show “Game of Thrones.” You might even walk atop the medieval defensive walls with its intricate system of towers, bastions and casemates, enjoying the panoramic vista of red-tiled roofs on one side and the sea on the other.

Korcula’s Old Town, sometimes called a mini-Dubrovnik with its well-preserved medieval walls and fortified bastions dating back to the 13th-century, has a fairytale-like feel, while ancient Split dates back more than 1,700 years. At its heart is the maze-like 4th-century Diocletian’s Palace, built by the Roman emperor as his retirement residence. You’ll be able to marvel at the influences from multiple periods: Greek, Roman and Venetian.

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