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7 of the Best Diving Spots in Croatia

Diving in Croatia is sure to be unforgettable with everything from underwater caverns, canyons, reefs, and plenty of wrecks to explore. There’s something here for divers of all skill levels, but you’ll need to know where the very best diving spots are for an especially memorable experience.

Bol, Brac Island

Brac Island

For those that dream of getting in the water with dolphins, Bol is your top pick. The small town is on the island of Brac, and not far from its shores you’ll find some of the most unique scuba diving. Thanks to the area’s geographical position, the water is protected from the winds that blow through the Hvar channel and dolphins are often seen leaping through the gentle waves. There are diving schools that offer organized trips, including night dives. Plus, you’ll be near one of Europe’s most beautiful beaches for relaxing afterward, Zlatni Rat.

Lokrum Island

Lokrum Island

Just 10 minutes from medieval Dubrovnik, Lokrum Island is a fantastic site where divers can explore the SS Tomislav. Almost fully intact, it lies on the island’s southwest side at a depth of 40 meters, with the stern sitting on a sandy stretch of seabed. It’s now home to an abundance of marine life, including moray eels, tuna, dogfish, and scorpionfish. The tuna are an especially impressive sight with scales that glisten in the sunlight. Not far from here is Taranto, an Austro-Hungarian ship that’s ideal for advanced divers with octopus, lobsters, corals, and sponges to see too.

Pakleni Octi, Pakleni Islands

Pakleni Islands
Coral Underwater, Croatia

Lying opposite the entrance to Hvar Town’s harbor are the Pakleni Islands, with Vodnjak Reef at the very end of the west side of the archipelago one of the best places to dive. You’ll find a kaleidoscope of colorful coral, including red gorgonian, adorning several vertical reefs with fishing darting in and out.

Underwater Museum, Mali Lošinj

Mali Losinj
Cres Island

Not all museums are on land – Croatia has its own underwater museum that lies just 12 meters below the surface near the town of Mali Lošinj on an island of Lošinj. The archaeological park contains a Venetian cannon and an exceptional amphora, with a replica Apoxyomenos statue that will one day form an artificial reef.

Te Vega, Sušac Island

Susak Island

Located near the popular island of Korcula, there is a tunnel one can swim through off Sušac island that leads to the underwater sea lake known as Te Vega. Here you’ll enjoy views of goby and parrotfish that swim along crevices of coral reef, starting as shallow as five meters and stretching to about 35 meters at the deepest point.


Istria, Rovinj
Baron Gautsch Wreck

There are many dive sites and historical artifacts that are scattered off the seafloor near Rovinj. The experienced will find caves to explore while beginners are sure to enjoy a wealth of treasures in shallower waters. Baron Gautsch is a highlight as one of the most beautiful wrecks in the Adriatic. Built in 1908, it sank just six years later, and today you’ll see many schools of fish that have made the interior their home, along with coral and sponges.

Rasip Island, Kornati Islands


On the southern side of tiny Rasip Island in the Kornati archipelago, divers can explore a steep wall to discover many interesting residents hiding in the holes and crevices. It’s a paradise when it comes to marine life with an extraordinary variety of fish, corals, sponges, and bryozoans, ideal for beginners and the more experienced alike.


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