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Best Snorkeling in Croatia

From the sun-drenched shores of the Dalmatian Islands to the vibrant coral gardens of the Kornati Archipelago, Croatia boasts some of the best snorkeling in Europe, its expansive Adriatic coastline offering crystal clear waters with an array of marine life. Whether it is exploring hidden shipwrecks, secluded underwater caves, or vibrant reefs, there is plenty to see beneath the waves in Croatia. On a small ship cruise, discover some of the best spots to snorkel in Croatia, traveling to hidden coves and bays that are harder to access from the land. 

Makarska Riviera

Brela Beach in Croatia with crystal-clear turquoise water with boats floating on it
Fish swimming in crystal clear water of the Adriatic Sea in Croatia

Situated between the charming towns of Brela and Gradac, the Makarska Riviera is characterized by its quiet pebbly shores, glassy turquoise water, and picturesque scenery. With numerous snorkeling spots dotted along the Riviera, travelers here can discover rich underwater ecosystems, from hidden coves to underwater caves. The beaches of Brela and Tučepi are particularly renowned for their accessibility and underwater diversity, where snorkelers can encounter schools of fish, sea urchins, and a variety of marine flora. The Makarska Riviera’s underwater terrain also features intriguing rock formations that are home to various crustaceans and mollusks.

Krk Island

View of Baska Beach on Krk Island with turquoise water, pebbles, and surrounding cliffs.
Two people snorkeling in a turquoise sea

Situated in the northern Adriatic, Krk Island stands out not only for its scenic landscapes but also for its exceptional snorkeling opportunities. The island’s coastline, adorned with hidden coves and crystal-clear waters, beckons snorkelers to uncover a wealth of marine life beneath the surface. One notable spot is Baska, where underwater cliffs and rocky formations create a mesmerizing aquatic environment home to sea cucumbers and a variety of Adriatic fish species. For families staying on the island, be sure to check out Glavotok or Sveti Marek; the former offers calm waters, ideal for those snorkeling with little ones, whereas the latter allows for a more thrilling adventure with its network of underwater caves and tunnels.

Dugi Otok

View of salty lake on Dugi Otok
Aerial view of shipwreck Michelle in the Adriatic Sea

Located in the Zadar Archipelago, Dugi Otok promises excellent snorkeling in Croatia, with the island’s rugged coastline revealing secluded coves that are perfect for exploring the underwater landscape. Sali, the main village on Dugi Otok, serves as a convenient base for exploring nearby snorkeling hotspots such as Sakarun Beach. Here, the shallow, turquoise waters reveal a sandy seabed adorned with seagrasses; snorkelers can encounter a variety of marine life, including colorful fish and sea urchins. The Telascica Nature Park, encompassing a large bay on the southern part of the island, offers additional snorkeling opportunities, with a rich biodiversity and fascinating underwater topography. Additionally, those interested in shipwrecks can snorkel around the sunken Italian cargo ship Michelle, situated just north of Dugi Otok.

Vis Island

View of Stiniva Cove with pebble beach, turquoise water and steep cliffs
Interior of Bisevo Cave with blue glow

Renowned for its untouched natural beauty, remote Vis boasts a variety of captivating snorkeling sites. One highlight is the Blue Cave (Modra špilja), a mesmerizing sea cave on the nearby Biševo Island, accessible by boat from Vis. The cave’s enchanting blue glow creates a surreal ambiance, providing a unique snorkeling experience. Additionally, Stiniva Bay on Vis Island itself provides a secluded haven surrounded by towering cliffs, where snorkelers can discover vibrant marine life and intricate rock formations beneath the pristine waters. The underwater landscapes near the southernmost tip of the island, around Ravnik and Budikovac, offer a diverse array of sea creatures and underwater flora, including starfish and squid.

Hvar Island

View of Paklinski Islands with a sailing boat and turquoise water
Mediterranean sponge underwater near Hvar

One of the largest islands on the Dalmatian Coast, Hvar’s crystalline waters and diverse coastal topography create an ideal environment for marine exploration. Popular snorkeling sites here include the secluded Dubovica Beach, where underwater cliffs and rocky outcrops harbor an array of marine life, and the nearby islets of Pakleni Archipelago, accessible by boat, home to vibrant coral formations and abundant schools of fish. For adventure seekers, embark on boat excursions to reach more secluded spots such as the hidden bays of Lučišća and the underwater cliffs near the island of Sveti Klement. 

Korcula Island

Terracotta roofs of Korcula old town buildings with view out to the sea
Red starfish on Korcula seabed

Korcula Island, with its coastline fringed with clear blue water, rocky formations, and underwater caves, is one of the best snorkeling destinations in Croatia. The Raznjic Peninsula and islet of Proizd are favored snorkeling spots for those visiting the island. Situated on the eastern tip of Korcula with dramatic cliffs and intricate rock formations, Raznjic provides guests with excellent marine sightings, including a variety of Adriatic fish species. For those looking to travel a bit further, a short boat trip from the west of the island takes snorkelers to Proizd, an islet renowned for its pristine beaches and surrounding azure waters. Proizd’s underwater world presents a vibrant tapestry of marine life, featuring various fish species and the occasional glimpse of seagrasses.

Mljet Island

View of boat in Mljet saltwater lake with trees in the foreground
Woman floating in blue saltwater lake in Mljet National Park

One of the most beautiful islands in Croatia, Mljet not only boasts captivating scenery but mesmerizing underwater landscapes too. Here, travelers can snorkel the iconic Odysseus (Odisej) Cave, believed to be the spot where Odysseus sought refuge during his mythical journey, with crystal-clear waters, enchanting underwater passages, and dramatic cliffs. Additionally, Mljet’s reef, located near the islets of St. Mary within the island’s National Park, is home to colorful sod corals and thriving marine life, with sea creatures including moray eels and spiny lobsters.


View of Dubrovnik old town with turquoise water surrounding the city walls
Lokrum island clear water and green trees

The crystalline waters along Dubrovnik‘s coastline reveal a diverse marine ecosystem, with colorful fish, sea sponges, and underwater flora flourishing in the clear depths alongside the historic City Walls. Nearby Lokrum Island, accessible by a short boat ride from Dubrovnik’s Old Port, also presents excellent snorkeling opportunities, with the island’s rocky shores and secluded coves being the habitat of colorful fish species such as damselfish, sea bream, and wrasse. Snorkelers may also come across sea urchins, sea cucumbers, and starfish among the rocky seabed, while those fortunate enough could catch a glimpse of more elusive species such as octopus and cuttlefish.

Brijuni National Park

Aerial view of roman ruins in Verige Bay, Brijuni National Park
Close up view of loggerhead sea turtle in Brijuni National Park

Ideally situated near the bustling city of Pula and comprised of a cluster of fourteen islands, Brijuni National Park is celebrated for its diverse marine life and clear Adriatic waters. Travelers here can explore the underwater wonders surrounding Veli Brijun, the largest island in the archipelago, where vibrant fish species, sea anemones, and submerged rock formations create phenomenal snorkeling conditions. For beginners, the shallow waters along the island’s coastline provide an ideal environment to witness the rich biodiversity of the Adriatic Sea. For a unique snorkeling experience, the submerged archaeological sites near Verige Bay offer a fascinating glimpse into the region’s history, including the remains of a Roman villa on the 546-yard underwater trail.

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