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Croatia in April

Croatia is a lovely European country situated on the Adriatic Sea. With more than 1,000 islands to experience, it comes as no surprise that it is a favored tourist destination for many. Whether you’re seeking historic cities, gorgeous beaches, or isles brimming with natural beauty, there is something for all here. 

For those seeking a trip to Croatia in spring, April is an excellent time to visit. This is when the weather is pleasant and there are fewer crowds around the popular towns and cities. You will also find that the landscapes come to life during this time as flowers begin to bloom across the country. 

With so many people choosing Croatia for their next getaway, we have everything you need to know about visiting here in April. We cover the weather in Croatia in April, the best places to visit in Croatia in April, and the best things to do in the country. You can also find details about the best festivals that take place in April as well as other top tips. All the information you need for a trip to Croatia is revealed below and will suit a range of holiday preferences.

The Weather in Croatia in April

Hvar Night
Zadar sunset mobile banner

Before booking your trip to Croatia in April, it’s best to assess the weather during this time. Knowing what to expect from the country’s climate will help you plan accordingly. This will also aid with planning your excursions and activities during your stay. 

The weather in Croatia in April is relatively mild. Temperatures in Croatia average from 10°C to 18°C with plenty of sunshine and blue skies. This is an excellent time for those hoping to get out and active without the oppressive heat that is common in the summer months of July and August

You will also find that Croatia in April is generally dry, with around 1 week of rain throughout the month. For those hoping to explore historical sights and attractions and spend their days wandering around the pretty towns and villages, this weather provides the perfect opportunity to do so. 

Be sure to pack some waterproof clothing just in case you happen to encounter rain. Layers are also recommended as this will ensure you are prepared for all types of weather.

The Adriatic Sea Temperature in Croatia in April

Pasjaca Beach
Zlatni Rat beach on Brac island

If you’re visiting Croatia in April to spend some time by the sea, you can still take advantage of the beautiful coastal vistas from the sandy shores. However, with average water temperatures of around 14°C, it might still be too cold for swimming and other water sports activities. Nevertheless, the beautiful beaches of Croatia are a great place to take an afternoon stroll and explore the natural delights. 

It’s important to note that the temperature of the sea can vary throughout Croatia. The southern parts of the country tend to offer slightly warmer water, whereas the northern areas are often cooler. We recommend checking the local weather forecast before your visit so that you can pack for your trip here beforehand.

The Top 5 Places to Visit in Croatia in April

Korcula Bay

Now you know a little more about the weather and sea temperatures in Croatia in April, here’s some more information about the best places to visit. Below is a list of our top recommendations for those looking to explore this wonderful country during this time. 

Split in April

If you’re seeking one of the best things to do in Split in Croatia, a visit to Diocletian’s Palace won’t disappoint. The palace is an ancient Roman structure with intriguing architecture and fascinating history. What’s more, a trip here in April is a great time to see Diocletian without having to battle through the tourist crowds that summer often brings. 

When visiting Split in April, be sure to check out the picturesque Old Town. Here you will find panoramic vistas at the top of Marjan Hill, alongside breathtaking architecture throughout. This is a great time to explore all that the area has to offer, and somewhere to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere whilst strolling through the streets of Split. 

Korcula in April

For those looking to truly unwind when traveling to Croatia, a trip to Korcula in April is sure to do the trick. This gorgeous island provides guests with a tranquil place to relax, alongside breathtaking scenery and pretty landscapes. There are so many amazing things to do in Korcula and April is one of the best times to experience them. 

A trip to Kocula’s Old Town should also be on your list when visiting Croatia. Here you will find an ancient town displaying much of the country’s history. Be sure to check out the many pristine beaches around the island too, great for those looking to soak up the outstanding coastal panoramas. 

Once you have spent some time exploring the island, there are also many mouth-watering eateries where you can grab a bite to eat. A trip to Korcula in April allows visitors to experience the neverending beauty of Croatia, all whilst escaping the hustle and bustle. 

Dubrovnik in April

When exploring Dubrovnik in April, there are some parts of the city not to miss. Below are just some of the top attractions, this way you can visit here with all of the best places in mind. 

Be sure to partake in a walk of the city walls, explore Rector’s Palace, take a trip to Lokrum Island, and visit Dubrovnik’s Old Town. Whether you’re hoping to uncover more of the country’s history, or just looking to stroll through the many pretty streets, there is something for all here. 

If you’d prefer to spend your time in the city relaxing, there are plenty of fantastic restaurants and cafes to make the most of. This allows you to sit back and watch as the world goes by, or choose a spot on one of Dubrovnik’s most beautiful beaches where you can enjoy a drink or two by the sea. 

Pula in April 

Another of Croatia’s favored spots is Pula. Much like many of the other popular hubs in the country, visitors will discover plenty of history and heritage throughout the streets here. 

Spend some time at the archaic Roman Amphitheatre, which is more than 2,000 years old, or learn more about the region at the Archaeological Museum of Istria. Alternatively, A trip to the charming Old Town and Pula’s exciting Film Festival also makes for an exciting day out. 

Whether you’re looking to immerse yourself in more of the country’s wonderful culture, or just seeking somewhere to indulge in great cuisine, Pula is certainly worth a visit. 

Zagreb in April

The city of Zagreb is one not to be missed when visiting Croatia in April. It is the capital of the country and offers plenty of things to do for a range of holidaymakers, making it a wonderful place to scour with the whole family. 

Its historic Old Town allows guests to wander ancient cobblestone streets with beautiful architecture and quaint squares at every twist and turn. The museums around the city provide guests with the perfect place to learn more about the fascinating past of Zagreb, alongside somewhere to escape the cooler weather that April brings. 

With Easter celebrations happening throughout the city, alongside some excellent places to eat and shop, you will find plenty to see and do in Zagreb. This allows visitors to immerse themselves in the heritage and culture surrounding the city.

The Best Things to Do in Croatia in April

Krka National Park, Croatia
Seafood in Croatia

After you have spent some time wandering around the charming cities in Croatia, you will find there are many more places worth visiting. Below are some of our top recommendations when seeking some of the best things to do in Croatia in April. 

See the Waterfalls at Krka National Park

There are some amazing National Parks in Croatia like Krka National Park, a stunning part of the country situated in southern Croatia. Here you will find a place boasting plenty of flora and fauna, exceptional landscapes and pretty scenery at every twist and turn. The park attracts lots of tourists, making it a particularly busy spot in peak season. However, for those visiting in April, you can explore many of the wonders here without the crowds. 

Krka is known for its incredible network of waterfalls. Here you can relax in utter serenity whilst taking in the neverending natural beauty. Once you have explored all that the cities in Croatia have to offer, a trip to Krka provides guests with the ideal place to truly unwind. 

Explore the Plitvice Lakes National Park

Another of Croatia’s outstanding natural attractions is Plitvice Lakes National Park. Here you will find the perfect place to soak up natural surroundings and pretty landscapes. The park boasts wonderful hiking trails, a plethora of wildlife, stunning lakes and much more. 

There are also opportunities to explore Plitvice by boat, the perfect way to see more of the park and experience a unique day out with the family. Whether you’re hoping to tick off one of Croatia’s many UNESCO World Heritage sites, or would just like to spend some time in nature, a trip here is sure to impress. 

Try the Local Food and Wine

Croatia offers a variety of cuisines, perfect for a range of tastes and preferences. The rich culinary scene throughout the country is perfect for those hoping to indulge in fine local food and wine when visiting here. This is also an excellent way to unwind, alongside a great opportunity to learn more about the culture. 

Be sure to try out some of the wines throughout the country. Croatia is known for producing excellent wine, with varieties of red, white and rose. The most popular regions for their wine offering tend to be Istria, Dingac, and Peljesac. However, you will find many more wonderful places to enjoy grapes throughout Croatia. 

If you happen to take a trip to Pag Island, be sure to try out the renowned Pag Cheese. Made from sheep’s milk and produced on the island, this is a great way to try something new when visiting Croatia. It is also sold in many restaurants across the country. 

There are many more places to experience excellent food and drink in Croatia. Popular cities like Split, Dubrovnik, Zagreb, Rovinj and more all provide plenty of options for visitors. No matter where you choose to go, you’re sure to be impressed when indulging in some of the country’s mouthwatering cuisine.

The Best Festivals in Croatia in April

Zrinjevac Park, Zagreb
Excelsior Hotel Dining, Dubrovnik

Another great way to spend your time in Croatia in April is to partake in the festivities across the country. This is another way to experience the culture and heritage, alongside allowing visitors to encounter something fun during their getaway. 

St. George’s day – 23rd of April

If you happen to visit Croatia towards the end of April, be sure to check out the St George’s day celebrations. These are usually held around the 23rd of the month in many of the towns and cities across the country. 

Popular places to visit during this time include Dubrovnik, Zagreb and Sibenik. Here you will find parades and religious ceremonies to honour St George, the patron saint of many towns and cities in Croatia. There are also opportunities to witness locals in traditional costumes, alongside great food, music and fireworks. 

St. Mark’s festival – 25th April

Around a similar time to St George’s day, the St Mark’s festival is held on the 25th of April to celebrate the patron saint of Zagreb. This celebration holds both religious and cultural significance with church services, parades and traditional customs taking place during this time. 

There are also some excellent concerts, exhibitions and performances, a wonderful way to spend your time in Croatia in April. For those looking to try out the local cuisine, you will also find plenty of feasts paired with traditional music and dancing throughout various towns and villages in the country.

FAQ's About Visiting Croatia in April

Are things open in Croatia in April?

If you are traveling to Croatia in April, you can rest assured that there will be plenty of businesses and activities open for the season. While April falls in Croatia’s shoulder season, it has become a popular time to visit for those wanting to avoid larger crowds and blistering heat. Many venues and tourist attractions will start to open in April, meaning you will have so much choice of things to do on your trip.


Do ferries still run in Croatia in April?

Yes, ferries to the different islands in the Adriatic Sea run year-round, although they tend to operate in a reduced capacity outside of summer. International ferries tend to only operate from May to September, so this could impact your travel plans. However, if you have your heart set on island hopping or exploring the Dalmatian Coast, you should have no problems.


Dalmatian Coast
Dalmatian Coast

April is a wonderful time to visit Croatia, as there is so much to do here, perfect for those looking to explore without the crowds. If you’re seeking pleasant weather, beautiful sights and historical attractions, a trip here during this time is sure to impress. No matter when you choose to visit Croatia, you will find a country brimming with natural beauty, breathtaking landscapes and plenty of things to do and see throughout the year. 

If you’re planning a trip to Croatia in April, why not partake in a luxury cruising adventure? Cruise Croatia offers a range of beautiful ships for a variety of travellers. This provides the perfect way to see all that the country has to offer, all whilst exploring the many beautiful islands here.

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