Croatian Wines To Tickle Your Taste Buds

Many people choose the Eastern European vacation destination of Croatia because of the scenic island-hopping opportunities and breathtaking coastal views. If you’re a wine connoisseur or a foodie this beautiful country has a great deal to offer you.

Sibenik, Cruise Croatia
Hvar Vineyard, Cruise Croatia

More and more people are recognizing Croatia as the place to go to sample distinctive wine types that are growing in popularity with the wine drinkers from all over the world. We offer a fantastic Croatia Food & Wine Cruise. Give our Croatia travel experts a call today to discuss how you can include an authentic wine-tasting experience in your Croatia tour.

Wine production in Croatia was traditionally divided into two groups – Continental wine production and Coastal wine production. The country’s leading wine experts, wine producers and sommeliers have now devised a new classification of four wine regions. These are: Dalmatia, Uplands, Slavonia & Danube, and Istria & Kvarner. Each region is divided into a further twelve sub-regions.

Must-Sample Croatian Wines

Croatia has 64 distinct types of grape, over 800 wineries and almost twenty thousand registered wine makers. Here are some of the best local wines that you should definitely sample when you visit:


The full-bodied red wine Babić is made from the dark blue/red grapes that are grown in the Dalmatia region of Šibenik. The wine boasts a distinctive strong density and taste, and has traces of juicy berries, plums, figs, and aromatic spices.


The name Bogdanuša translates to ‘gift from God’. This flavorsome white wine from the island of Hvar boasts a floral aroma and a light, refreshing taste.

Peljesac, Cruise Croatia
Cruise Croatia, Istria


Debit is a golden colored wine that is made from the yellow grapes grown in the central and north coast of Croatia. The wine has a pleasing citric herbal taste with fresh tones. As it develops and matures, Debit’s taste begins to resemble a Vermouth.


Dingač is a robust red wine that is produced in the Pelješac Peninsula. The fruity wine is made from the plavac mali grape variety, and has an awesome dark red to purple color. This premium quality Croatian wine is often the drink of choice for special occasions.


Made from the white grapes grown in the region of Istria, Malvazija is a popular dry white wine that has traces of white pepper and dried grass. The intensive flavor and enticing citrus aroma make this wine a great choice for pairing with all food types.

Korcula, Cruise Croatia
Korcula Vineyard, Cruise Croatia


Plavac Mali is one of the most popular red wine types that are produced throughout Croatia. This grape variety is the most planted in the regions of Dalmatia and Pelješac. Plavac Mali boasts a distinct flavor of rich and ripe cherries and spice and pepper notes. Plavac has a high percentage of alcohol and tannins, and it also matures well.


The popular white wine Pošip is made from the grapes that are grown on the coast of Dalmatia. The wine is produced on the islands of Hvar and Korčula. Pošip has a strong aroma and notes, but it is surprisingly refreshing. This fresh and fruity white wine makes a great pairing choice for fresh seafood, grilled fish and summery salads.

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