Cruise for Families with Kids

With around 1,000 islands to explore, cities brimming with history and an abundance of sandy coves, it is no surprise that many families visit Croatia. There are activities for all, whether you’re seeking a relaxing break with older kids or an active visit to the country’s impressive national parks. 

Families can spend their time hiking, biking, snorkelling, island hopping, or simply lounging on the beach in Croatia. With so much to see and do here, you will find yourself needing more time to experience it all. 

Croatia has so much to offer, providing an extensive amount of islands to explore, and historical sites to uncover, hence why so many choose to cruise the country. A family cruising trip in Croatia allows visitors to truly sit back and relax, without having to worry about planning or missing anything from their itinerary. 

If you’re planning a cruise in Croatia with the whole family, you’re likely in need of more information. Luckily enough, we have everything you need to know below. Keep reading to learn more about how to make the most out of your Croatian cruising experience.

Why Cruise Croatia with Family?

Croatia Sailing Yacht Family
Cruise ship off Zlatni Rat, Croatia

There is something for everyone in Croatia, which is why cruising is so popular among families. Travelling through the country allows for a range of activities and places to see. With so many secluded islands, impressive national parks, mighty mountains, cascading waterfalls, unrivalled beaches plus much more, you will find yourself needing more time just to do it all! 

Croatia offers utter diversity. From its varying terrains to its unique towns and cities, you will discover something new at each stop whilst cruising here. This provides the perfect place for families to enjoy a range of activities, alongside some breathtaking sights and coastal vistas. 

If that wasn’t enough, here are a few more benefits of choosing a cruise in Croatia: 


Many of the cruise ships in Croatia also provide meals on board. This takes the hassle out of planning where and what to eat. With buffets and many other options available, you can find something to suit the whole clan. 

Not only does this help with organising your trip, but families can enjoy their meals whilst taking in the outstanding coastal vistas from the ship. The wide range of cuisines available caters to several different appetites, so you don’t have to worry about scouring towns and cities for somewhere to eat! 

Lots of Activities

The ships in Croatia stop at many of the country’s top sites. This means there are several incredible activities for the whole family to enjoy along the way. Whether you’re seeking some of Croatia’s natural wonders like Plitvice National Park or would prefer to uncover historical sites in Dubrovnik, you will find something for a range of itineraries when cruising. 

The best way to plan your trip is to choose the cruise that best fits your needs. With so many options, you get to decide where to go and what to see whilst cruising. Some ships cater more for families with older kids, whereas others provide great onboard activities for little ones. Whatever your preferences, you’ll find something for everyone when cruising Croatia.  

Calm Waters 

The number of islands surrounding Croatia’s coast makes it a particularly calm place to cruise. With shelter from high winds and choppy seas, this provides the perfect place to set sail with kids. Not only does the country allow for a calmer trip along the water, the number of places to stop and explore means that you are unlikely to be onboard for more than a few hours at a time. This helps prevent youngsters from becoming restless and allows the whole family to adventure Croatia with ease. 

Secluded Beaches

Croatia is renowned for its impressive isles, with raw natural beauty and paradisiacal settings. This makes for the perfect place to stop off and enjoy secluded coves with the whole family. Not only are the beaches here much quieter, but there is also enough space to spend some time playing on the sandy shore or taking a dip in the crystal-clear water. 

There are so many exceptional coves to explore when cruising in Croatia, you will find somewhere for the whole clan to enjoy. Not only do the beaches allow for utter seclusion, but the calm waters also provide the perfect place for kids to paddle with ease.  

Social Environment 

With cruising being a popular holiday type for families, it allows for the perfect place to meet new people. When deciding on the most suitable cruise for your family, it’s best to choose a smaller ship. These are more intimate, allowing you to meet like-minded people, alongside other kids to help keep the little ones entertained. 

You can sit back and relax whilst the kids play, all whilst making new memories and meeting different types of people. Those who choose to cruise often return each year and plan to meet up with those who they previously spent their time on board with. This is a great way to learn more about different cultures, all whilst experiencing Croatia.

Planning for your Cruising Trip

Kayaking in Croatia
Bellissima Croatia Cruise Ships

Before booking any holiday it’s best to plan, especially when travelling with kids! Things like the best time to visit, your itinerary and selecting the right ship will all help get you started. We have included all of this information below so that you can sit back and relax without having to worry about the planning!   

The Best Time to Cruise in Croatia

Choosing the best time to visit Croatia can help make your cruise experience better. Depending on what activities you plan to do whilst visiting and the areas of the country you want to explore, the weather should be considered before heading off on your Croatian adventure. 

Luckily enough, Croatia enjoys a lovely Mediterranean climate, with hot summers and mild winters. When deciding on a cruise for families, many choose to visit between June and August. This is when the weather is at its hottest, and the sun constantly shines. These months are considered peak season, meaning that tourist attractions are much busier with many families making the most of the summer holidays. 

For those looking to avoid the heat and crowds, anytime between April and May or September and October are great times to visit. This is when the temperatures are slightly cooler, and there are far fewer tourists. These months are excellent for families wanting to explore the islands with ease, or get out and active without the oppressive heat.

Choosing your Cruise Itinerary

Choosing the right itinerary for your trip is essential. This will determine what parts of Croatia you visit, alongside the activities along the way. Whether you’re travelling with older kids or small children, there are cruises out there for all! 

With small ships taking guests on snorkelling excursions, trips to the impressive Blue Cave and even rafting along the Centina River, you won’t be stuck for options. It’s best to browse the different ships, decide the top destinations you want to explore and then plan your activities around that. This way, you get to tailor your cruise to suit the needs of your whole family. 

Selecting the Right Ship

There are ships in Croatia that suit a wide range of holiday itineraries. As previously mentioned, we would recommend choosing a small ship for those travelling with family. Whether you are exploring with older kids or young children, small cruises provide an intimate and peaceful environment to adventure the country with ease. 

It’s best to also decide where you want to go on your cruising voyage. This will help determine what type of ship is best for you. With excursions across Croatia and stop-offs at many of the top destinations, it’s up to you to decide where to go on your adventure!

The Best Family Cruises in Croatia

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia
Stiniva Beach, Vis, Croatia

With so many cruises to choose from, it can feel a little overwhelming to pick the right one for you. Whether you’re travelling with teenagers, small children or a family full of adventure seekers, there are cruising adventures to suit all. Below is a little more information so that you get the most out of your family vacation in Croatia. 

Cruising Croatia with Teenagers

The best cruises for families with older kids tend to be those that allow them to choose activities on their own. These cruises are ideal for families who like to adventure in the safety of their ship. With snorkelling, swimming and kayaking activities on offer, you can sit back and relax whilst the kids make the most of stunning Croatia. 

Many of the cruises in Croatia also offer activities on board for older kids. Whether that be entertainment, TVs or wifi, you won’t have to worry about keeping the family entertained. There are also opportunities to plan trips as a family, with many of the ships stopping at some of Croatia’s best islands. Booking one of the smaller ships in the country will also allow the parents to unwind whilst the kids get active, without the worry of them wandering too far! 

Cruising Croatia for Active Families

For adventure enthusiasts and active families, a Croatian cruise is a perfect way to enjoy a jam-packed break! With so many places to explore, sites to see, and activities to partake in, you will never find yourselves stuck for something to do. 

Whether you want to hike through the national parks, explore outstanding waterfalls, snorkel in the sea or bike through ancient towns and villages, there is something for all whilst cruising. This provides the perfect way to explore Croatia whilst ensuring the whole family is entertained. 

Cruising Croatia with Young Children

The best cruise for families with young kids is the small ships in Croatia. These allow the adults to relax whilst keeping a close eye on the little ones. Smaller cruises also provide the perfect way to interact with other families and kids, allowing for the ideal opportunity for parents to socialise whilst the children play together. 

Much like many of the other cruises, these smaller ships still allow for adventures to many of Croatia’s top sites. One of the best things about cruising in this country is that you can get active and explore, but when little legs become tired, you can head back to the boat with ease. Whatever type of holiday you’re looking for, you will find something for adults and kids alike when deciding to cruise Croatia. 


Croatia Sailing Yacht
Croatia Sailing Yacht

We hope that after reading about the best cruises for families with kids, you can now enjoy a cruising adventure with ease. With so many places to see and wonderful activities to do, the whole family will be entertained when choosing to cruise in this stunning country. Sit back and enjoy the magnificent coastal views, or get out and active on the many islands surrounding Croatia. Whatever you’re seeking from your next holiday, a cruise is sure to meet your needs. 

If you’re planning your next family cruise, you’re likely seeking the best ship for the whole clan. Luckily enough, Cruise Croatia has an impressive range of small ships to choose from. These are ideal for families as the itineraries are designed with everyone in mind. Explore renowned cities like Dubrovnik and Split, or get active whilst swimming and snorkelling around the islands. Whatever your preference, Cruise Croatia has something for the whole family.