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The 13 Most Beautiful Beaches in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Croatia is a beautiful European country with many sandy shores worth exploring. Its excellent coastal position provides visitors with the ideal place to rest by the sea. So, a trip here simply isn’t complete without visiting the many beaches scattered throughout.

If you’re planning to stay in Dubrovnik during your trip to Croatia, there are also plenty of amazing beaches to enjoy. After you have spent some time soaking up the historical sights and famous attractions, there is no better way to relax and unwind than a trip to the coast.

With rugged cliff edges that line the shore, alongside golden sands and turquoise waters, this city is an exquisite place for its beach offering. Keep reading to learn more about the fantastic beaches around Dubrovnik, alongside things to do whilst visiting.

Copacabana Beach

To kickstart our list of the top beaches in Dubrovnik, Copacabana Beach is one not to be missed! Situated on the stunning Lapad peninsula, this stretch of pebbles and sand provides the ideal place to spend the day with the whole family.

With shallow waters and a great atmosphere, Copacabana is an excellent option for those visiting the beach with kids. Visitors will also find a wonderful beach bar here, meaning there is something for adults and little ones alike at this attractive spot near Dubrovnik.

For a truly relaxing day out, with plenty to do for the whole family, Copacabana is a great option for anyone pursuing the lovely beaches here.

Banje Beach

Banje Beach, Dubrovnik
Banje Beach

Banje is one of the most popular beaches in Dubrovnik due to its convenient location and proximity to Ploce Gate. The shore is made up of small pebbles, alongside the gorgeous coastal vistas you would expect from Croatia’s impressive coastline. With crystal clear waters, sunbeds and umbrella rental, this provides the perfect place to spend the day with the whole family.

If you’re seeking a beach with a vibrant atmosphere and party scene, Banje will do the trick! Head here on an evening where you will find a great restaurant and nightclub. Its diverse offering makes it an excellent choice for various holiday itineraries.

For those looking for lots to do whilst spending the day at the beach, you will be pleasantly surprised by the watersports on offer at Banje. Try out jet skis, kayaking, snorkelling and much more, providing an excellent place to go for a great selection of activities and attractions.

Coral Beach Club

Alongside its intriguing history and heritage, Dubrovnik is also renowned for its cosmopolitan scene with a great selection of bars and clubs. What’s more, those who like spending their time by the sea will be pleased to know that there are several vibrant beach bars here.

Coral Beach Club is a particular favourite. Situated on a fine pebble beach, the bar boasts charm and luxury with its excellent decor and stunning position on the coast. Sit and enjoy one of the many cocktails on offer whilst watching the sunset on the horizon.

Brimming with elegance and sophistication, Coral Beach Club also allows guests to feel truly relaxed when visiting here. Take in Croatia’s outstanding coast, all whilst immersing yourself in the great night scene in this fantastic beach bar.

Sveti Jakov Beach

Sveti Jakov Beach
Sveti Javok Beach

Sveti Jakov is undoubtedly one of Dubrovnik’s best beaches. Just a short distance from the renowned old town, this provides a convenient place to relax for the day for anyone staying in the area. There are also some great amenities at Sveti Jakov, with sun loungers to rent, toilets and changing facilities, plus a great bar and restaurant.

With everything you need close by, a visit to Sveti Jakov allows for an easy trip to the beach with the whole family. Visitors will find a beautiful stretch of pebble beach, making it the perfect place to soak up all that Croatia’s magnificent coastline has to offer.

Lopud Island

Lopud Island
Lopud Island

If you’re seeking the best sandy beaches in Dubrovnik, you will want to head to the nearby Lopud island. Here you will find some stunning shores, with Beach Sunj being the most popular. The fine golden sands and turquoise waters also allow for a truly paradisical setting.

Swim through the warm waters or spend some time relaxing in utter serenity. This is also a great place to go with the whole family as you will find sunbeds and parasols available to rent, perfect for those hoping to spend the day here.

Lopud Island is easy to access from Dubrovnik, just hop on the ferry and take the short journey across the water. This also provides a great day out for all, with an exciting excursion to the wilder side of the country.

Betina Beach Cave

If you’re seeking more of the hidden beaches near Dubrovnik, Betina Beach Cave is the place for you! This secret cave provides the perfect place for all to get out and enjoy an adventure whilst visiting here. It is located close to the city walls and can be accessed by a sea kayaking tour from the town.

Once arriving at the cave, you will find a lovely stretch of pebble beach to relax and lounge. With calm waters, this also provides a great place for kids to paddle. A trip to Betina Beach Cave also allows guests to explore Croatia’s stunning coastline, alongside a chance to catch a glimpse of captivating marine life.

A trip to Betina Beach Cave is a must for anyone visiting Dubrovnik’s beaches. Its unique location and outstanding scenery make for a great way to soak up all that this gorgeous country has to offer.

Lokrum Island

Lokrum Island
Lokrum Island

Lokrum Island is one of Croatia’s beautiful isles just a short boat ride from Dubrovnik. Here you will find a selection of pristine sandy shores in a remote setting.

Visit the beaches on the island to make the most of the tranquil environment and enchanting surroundings. Alternatively, check out the shallow lake in the centre of Lokrum, allowing for a great place to take a dip.

A trip to Lokrum will leave you feeling refreshed, alongside providing a great alternative to the vibrant city of Dubrovnik.

Uvala Lapad Beach (Sunset Beach)

If you’re hoping to get out of Dubrvonik’s Old Town to explore more of the area, a trip to Uvala Lapad is a great option. The lovely mix of sand and pebbles creates a comfortable beach to spend the day, the sea shimmers shades of blue under the sun and there are also some great facilities nearby.

Be sure to check out the bars and restaurants near the beach, a great place to grab a bite to eat or a drink for those spending the day at Uvala Lapad. The sands are also known as ‘Sunset Beach’, something worth bearing in mind if you hear people referring to it by its other name.

When arriving at Uvala Lapad, check out the small pebbled paths scattered throughout, as these will lead you to many other hidden coves. The little beaches are also great alternatives if Uvala Lapad is particularly busy.

Bellevue Beach

Bellevue Beach
Bellevue Beach

If you don’t want to travel too far, Bellevue Beach is located in the heart of Dubrovnik, making it an easy spot to access. This stunning bay sits below Hotel Bellevue and displays vistas comprising rugged cliffs, shimmering waters and pebble sand.

Bellevue Beach is also a great spot for adventure seekers as there are plenty of cliff diving and snorkelling opportunities here. Sit back as you watch daredevils plunge into the sea, or enjoy the thrill yourself as you dive into the crystal clear waters below. However you choose to spend your time here, you’re sure to enjoy all that is on offer at lovely Bellevue Beach.

Šulic Beach

Sulic Beach is made up of pebbles and sand, alongside Croatia’s classic turquoise waters. The whole area is breathtaking with rugged cliffs in the backdrop and dazzling coastal vistas. This provides the ideal place to relax and unwind whilst taking in Croatia’s impressive seaside.

There is also a great beach bar nearby, the perfect place to grab a refreshment as you continue to soak up the stunning surroundings. For anyone seeking a day full of relaxation and the chance to disconnect, Sulic Beach is the perfect spot for you.

Danče Beach

Dance Beach is favoured among locals and is tucked away down a small track, perfect for those seeking a little privacy when spending the day at the seaside. Its rocky shore provides a pretty place to relax for the day and the deep water here is ideal for those looking to swim and snorkel.

There’s also the ancient church of Sv Marija near the beach, providing a great way to soak up some history when visiting here.

Pasjaca Beach

Pasjaca Beach
Pasjaca Beach

For nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, a trip to Pasjaca Beach is the perfect place to go. Here you will find an isolated shore, brimming with stunning natural surroundings and lovely wildlife. The small pebble beach is encompassed by rugged cliffs and rocky steps.

Pasjaca Beach is a little out of Dubrovnik, around 15 miles from the city. However, the excursion is certainly worth it as you spend the day immersed in utter beauty, alongside a chance to experience more of Croatia’s fascinating wilderness.

To access Pasjaca Beach, you will need to make your way through a small tunnel, creating an exciting adventure for all. The surrounding red rock face and contrasting turquoise waters allow for the most magnificent setting. Take some time to truly unwind and relax as you hide away in this beautiful little cove.

Due to its remote location, there aren’t any bars or restaurants near Pasjaca Beach, so it’s important to remember your refreshments and beach essentials when visiting here.

Bard Mala Buza & Buza Beach

For anyone looking for beaches in Dubrovnik’s Old Town, Bard Mala Buza and Buza Beach are excellent options. These small coves are made up of rocks, sitting perfectly against the ancient walls surrounding the city.

There are also stone stairs directly into the sea, allowing for a great way to paddle with ease. With beach bars and a romantic setting, these beaches are great for honeymooners or anyone seeking an intimate place to enjoy the beautiful coastal vistas.

You will also find sunbeds available to rent on both beaches, plus the opportunity to soak up Dubrovnik’s Old Town after a trip to the seaside. Whether you’re looking for somewhere to relax for the day, or would prefer to enjoy a romantic stroll along the shore, there is something for all at Bard Mala Buza and Buza Beach.


We hope that after reading this article, you can now visit Dubrovnik with all the best beaches in mind. No matter where you choose to explore, you will find a country brimming with beautiful shores, dramatic landscapes and plenty to see and do. The lovely coastline is just one of the reasons why so many visitors return here each year.

There is no better way to explore all that the country has to offer than by cruising Croatia. This way, visitors can wander quaint towns, historical cities, beautiful islands and untouched beaches all in one trip. Cruise Croatia has an excellent range of cruise ships that are perfect for a variety of holiday itineraries.

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