The 10 Best Places to Visit in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is situated on the south coast of Croatia and is one of the country’s most popular cities. Aside from its well preserved historical and cultural heritage, Dubrovnik’s delicious food, buzzing nightlife, and stunning views make it a perfect destination for all to enjoy.

Read our travel guide to find out the best places to visit whilst you’re in Dubrovnik:

The City Walls

Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik City Walls, Croatia
Dubrovnik City Walls, Dubrovnik, Croatia

The medieval stone walls surrounding Dubrovnik’s Old Town were completed in the 15th and 16th century, to protect the city from invaders. These walls are two kilometres long and 25 meters high, offering breathtaking views from the summit. his is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city, with many people travelling from all over the world to observe its beauty from Dubrovnik’s famous walls. Whilst walking along the city walls, you will be able look over the Old Town and enjoy the view of the crystal-clear Adriatic Sea.

If you are interested, you can join a guided walking tour, where you can learn more about Dubrovnik’s history and the impressive walls.

Mount Srd

Dubrovnik Cable Car. Mount Srd, Croatia,
Mount Srd, Dubrovnik, Croatia

The best place to admire panoramic views overlooking the Dubrovnik Old Town is from Mount Srd, the highest point in the city. There are two cable cars, which transport visitors to the top of the mountain, to enjoy the stunning views overlooking the Old Town, the Adriatic Sea and Lokrum Island. You will also find Restaurant Panorama and a gift shop at the top.

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Gunduliceva Poljana Market

Gunduliceva Poljana Market, Dubvrovnik Old Town, Croatia, DubrovniK
Dubrovnik, Old Town, Gunduliceva Poljana Market, Croatia

The Gunduliceva Poljana market is located in the heart of the Old Town. It is a popular market which sells a variety of local produce. If you are in Dubrovnik, stop by the market and taste the delicious fresh fruit and vegetables on offer and browse the many stalls selling, homemade honey, olive oil and lavender.

Split also has a fantastic Green Market, with locals selling fresh fruit, vegetables, local cheese and meat. Why not join one of our Dubrovnik to Split Cruises, where you can taste delicious local cuisine and learn about these two historical cities?

Rector’s Palace

Rector's Palace, Croatia, Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik Old Town
Cultural History Museum, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Visit Rector’s Palace and admire the beautiful Gothic-Renaissance architecture of the building. The palace was built in the late 15th century and was home to the elected leader or the rector, during their one-month rule. The palace was destroyed not long after completion after an explosive gunpowder attack, followed by a fire and in 1667 the palace was destroyed once more from an earthquake. Today, Rector’s Palace has been turned into a Cultural History Museum, displaying ornate furniture, portraits, armour and other historical items.


Banje Beach

Banje Beach, Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik beaches, Croatia
Dubrovnik Beaches, Banje Beach, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Banje Beach is just a 10-minute walk from the Old Town and is one of the most popular beaches in Dubrovnik. From sunbathing on the beach, taking a dip in the cool sea or joining one of the many fun outdoor activities on offer, with kayaks, jet skis and banana boats all available to rent. There are also restaurants and bars nearby where you can enjoy a delicious meal overlooking the sea.

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Fort Lovrijenac

Fort Lovrijenac, Fort Lawrence, Croatia, Dubrovnik
Fort Lovrijenac, Dubrovnik, Croatia, Fort Lawrence

Fort Lovrijenac, also known as Fort Lawrence, has been nicknamed “Dubrovnik’s Gibraltar”. It lies outside of Dubrovnik’s city walls and rises 37 meters above the sea. The fortress played an important role during the resistance from the Venetian rule in the 11th century, with historians claiming that the Venetians had plans to build a fortress in the same exact spot in order to take control of Dubrovnik.

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Pile Gate

Dubrovnik, Croatia, Pile Gate, Dubrovnik Old Town, Unforgettable Croatia
Pile Gate, Unforgettable Croatia, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Built in 1537, Pile Gate is the main entrance to the Old Town. The drawbridge was previously made from wood and would have been pulled down to allow guests entrance. You will also find a statue of St. Blaise, carved by the famous Croatian artist Ivan Mestrovic, above the entrance of the gate. This is a popular spot for tourists to visit and will often be the starting place for the Dubrovnik walking tours.

Stradun of Dubrovnik

Stradun of Dubrovnik, Placa, Dubrovnik, Croatia, Unforgettable Croatia
Unforgettable Croatia, Placa, Stradun, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Stradun, also known as Placa, is the main street in Dubrovnik’s Old Town. The road stretches for approximately 984 feet (300 meters), starting from Pile Gate and running all the way down to the Old Town’s port. The stradun acts as the main promenade in Dubrovnik and is lined with cafes, restaurants and shops for you to visit. Enjoy a stroll along the Stradun where you can soak up the surrounding historical architecture and admire the famous white limestone paving.

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Lokrum Island

Lokrum Island, Dubrovnik, Croatia
Dead Sea, Lokrum Island, Salt Lake, Dubrovnik. Croatia

This small island is located 600 metres from the city of Dubrovnik and is entirely uninhabited. Just a 10-minute boat ride from Dubrovnik, Lokrum Island is a great escape from the busy city. On the island, you can visit the Botanical Garden, home to an array of interesting plants, including palm trees, eucalyptuses and cacti. Enjoy a refreshing swim in the salt lake, known as The Dead Sea or take a stroll around The Monastery ruins, built in the 11th century. You can also trek up the hiking paths to the top of Fort Royal, the highest peak on the island, and see impressive views of Dubrovnik.

Onofrio’s Fountain

Onorio's Fountain, Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik Old Town, Croatia
Dubrovnik, Croatia, Onofrio's Fountain, Dubrovnik Old Town

Situated in Dubrovnik’s Old Town, you will find the famous Onofrio’s fountain, named after the renowned Italian architect, Onofrio, who designed the fountain. This circular fountain was built in 1438 and played an important part in helping to supply fresh water to the town. The fountain was damaged in 1667 by the earthquake, but still stands in the Old Town, supplying water. The water is drinkable so is a great spot to fill up your bottle if you are wondering around the Old Town.

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