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What to Expect on a Superyacht Charter in Croatia

Sailing Croatia’s enchanting coast and islands is something everyone should experience at least once, and a Croatia super yacht charter is arguably the best way to do it. A mega yacht, also referred to as a superyacht, is different from a standard yacht in terms of its size, amenities, number of water toys, the food, number of cabins and the experience levels of the crew members.

While there is no set definition of a superyacht, these elegant vessels typically exceed an overall length of 131 feet, with some as large as 416 feet or more. They’re a bit like traveling in a luxury 5-star floating hotel and include fewer cabins as compared to other yachts, allowing guests to enjoy an intimate experience with plenty of space, typically accommodating no more than 22 guests in 10 cabins with lavish features.

These are some of the highlights to expect on our Croatia mega yacht charters. 

Dining on Anima Maris
Croatia yacht cuisine

Exceptional dining experiences

When sailing on a Croatia superyacht, you can expect to enjoy the ultimate foodie adventure. It’s a fine dining experience with an expert chef traveling onboard to provide unique and luxurious gastronomic offerings. The dishes are typically based on the freshest local ingredients that are transformed into an exquisite feast. While no two journeys will be alike, you can expect to enjoy some of Croatia’s signature cuisine.

Popular Croatian dishes tend to include lots of fresh seafood and fish. You might indulge in delectable oysters from Ston, said to be some of the world’s best thanks to the high concentration of salt and minerals in the bay where they’re harvested. You might enjoy Brujet (fish stew) or grilled seabass. Black risotto, with clams, mussels and other shellfish along with squid ink that paints it black, is a favorite. Of course, all can be complemented with fine Dalmatian wines.

Sunset drinks in jacuzzi on yacht
Croatia yacht sunset meal

Simply Unrivalled Service

There are many elements that make up a memorable Croatia superyacht adventure and one of those is the unrivaled service. These vessels are fully staffed, typically with the highest numbers of crew members to guests you’ll find on the Adriatic. The result is that each guest usually has their own dedicated member of the crew available throughout the trip. That doesn’t mean simply bringing you a fresh towel or a cup of coffee, it goes way beyond that. The staff onboard tend to be made up of locals and are trained in how to provide 5-star service. They’re often passionate about using their in-depth knowledge of the region to provide insight to guests that can make a significant difference when discovering each destination. They work hard and are up before dawn and don’t sleep until well past a guest’s bedtime to ensure each and every detail is taken care of. 

Rara Avis Croatia Yacht Cabin
Lady Gita Croatia Yacht Cabin

Cabins to Rival Luxury Hotel Rooms

As mentioned at the start, cabins on a luxury yacht charter in Croatia feel more like a room in a floating boutique hotel, with many luxurious features and plenty of modern comforts. Expect an upscale design that makes the most of the space, ensuring you’ll never feel cramped You’ll have plenty of room for your belongings with a large walk-in closet, a flat-screen Smart TV, and an en-suite bathroom with a shower and a bathtub for a relaxing soak in private at the end of the day. A comfortable queen-size bed and air-conditioning help to ensure a peaceful night’s sleep no matter how balmy the temperature is outside.

Cabins on a superyacht while cruising the Croatian coast are nothing like those cramped rooms you’ve probably envisioned.  While you’ll probably spend a lot of time on deck enjoying the fresh salty sea air with the passing views, when it’s time to retire, comfort is practically guaranteed.

Black Swan indoor cinema
Black Swan Yacht Cinema

Your own private cinema

Although all Croatia mega yacht charters include TVs in every cabin, after some incredible stargazing, take advantage of your own private cinema. You can even enjoy a movie outside under the stars as there are multiple options for your viewing pleasure. Gather your pillows, blankets and snacks (ask the chef to prepare popcorn) to watch one of your favorite flicks or maybe catch a few episodes from the hit series “Game of Thrones” with many scenes filmed in Croatia. Dubrovnik was prominently featured, including the medieval fortressed perched high on a cliff, the red-tiled rooftops of the historic center, and nearby Lokrum island. 

If music that complements that starry sky is what you’re in the mood for, the media room is equipped with the latest sound system. Or take advantage of that outdoor cinema to put on a concert while anchored in the bay that makes everyone feel like they’re part of the show.

Phoenix 72 Bar
Rara Avis Yacht on deck bar

Numerous onboard bars 

There are multiple bars on a luxury Croatia yacht. While you’re sailing the magnificent coast and islands you won’t have to go far for a drink. No matter what the length or the type of your superyacht, an icy handmade cocktail with fresh fruit, a memorable glass of local wine, chilled champagne or another beverage will be just steps away. You might grab a drink near the cushioned loungers or enjoy a beverage from the outdoor bar staffed with a cocktail master and enjoy dancing ‘til dawn. Of course, the bars are natural points for socializing on a yacht charter, as well as a focal point for all types of memorable drinks. One of the highlights of a Croatia mega yacht charter is the opportunity to sip a martini on the sundeck or a glass of wine in the Jacuzzi, thanks to the bars and your dedicated crew. Non-alcoholic drinks like smoothies are easily made too.

Lady Gita Croatia water toys
Jet Ski Black Swan

Water toys, water toys and more water toys

One of the joys of sailing on a superyacht is that you don’t have to walk or drive to take advantage of the sea, you’re on it. The water toys onboard are always popular, providing the ideal way to get active while having a good time. Inflatables come in all shapes and sizes, like doughnuts for a fun ride over the waves. Or you might enjoy a ride on a Seabob that allows you to move through the water like a dolphin. As you cruise along the water’s surface, it feels like you’re riding a torpedo. Snorkeling and diving gear will allow you to explore the dazzling underwater world in places like the Pakleni or the Kornati islands surrounded by crystal-clear blue waters for outstanding visibility. Chartered superyachts tend to have some of the best equipment to take advantage of as superyacht builders want to ensure their guests have opportunities for adventure and relaxation.

Gym on the Black Swan Yacht
Black Swan Yacht Spa

State of the art gym and wellness

Health and wellness have become a popular trend across the globe which is why they’ve been incorporated into Croatia superyachts. Once considered a “bonus,” now they’re a must-have, so you can expect modern equipment that allows you to keep up with your workout routine. In addition to cardio and weight training equipment, you’ll probably find other amenities to support your good health. Some superyachts include wellness experts like yoga instructors or even a masseuse. After a day of play, there may be no better way to de-stress and soothe those sore muscles than with a hot stone massage, a deep-tissue massage or just about any other type, perhaps using essential oils made with local ingredients like wild herbs. A Jacuzzi, a tranquil space for meditation, a pool and a sauna are just a few of the other features you might expect for enhancing wellness.

Love Story Yacht Secluded swim stop
Secluded swim stop in Croatia

Swim stops in beautiful, secluded bays

The swim stops on a luxury yacht charter in Croatia are a definite highlight. Provided the weather cooperates, and it almost always does during the cruising season, you can look forward to at least one every day. It’s the perfect way to take advantage of the sea and the summer sun, with the water averaging in the upper 70s Fahrenheit with outstanding water quality. As many secluded bays can only be reached by boat, they offer the perfect way to leap into crystal-clear blue waters while surrounded by incredible scenery. Galesnjak, a famously heart-shaped island has a number of them just offshore that are particularly ideal. Some of our other favorites include the Kornati Islands, a sailor’s favorite, and the stunning Pakleni Islands, a string of forested jewels surrounded by brilliant, clear turquoise water that stretches for over six miles off the southwest side of Hvar

Lady Gita Yacht Sunset
Lady Gita Sunset Dinner

Sunsets to die for

The sunsets in Croatia are among the world’s most stunning. In fact, Alfred Hitchcock once remarked, “Zadar has the most beautiful sunset in the world, more beautiful than the one in Key West in Florida, applauded at every evening.” They’re even more magical when viewed from the water while being pampered on your Croatia luxury yacht charter. Every day you can look forward to a grand finale with the colors splashed across the sea, perhaps after the attentive crew pop open a bottle of bubbly so you can toast to the beauty while snuggling up with the one you love. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Zadar listening to the sounds of the sea organ, in Rovinj while watching dolphins play alongside the vessel, in southern Dubrovnik or anywhere else along the Croatian coast. The combination of a perfect yacht, a drink in hand and an enchanting sunset is something that thrills every time. 

My Wish Yacht Croatia
Lady Gita Aerial view

In yachting size matters 

There are some situations where size really doesn’t matter but when it comes to yachting, there is. There are no set rules when it comes to the size that defines a superyacht, as noted at the start, but these luxurious vessels typically exceed an overall length of 131 feet. Bigger isn’t necessarily better, though some are built as long as 416 feet or even more. Colossal-sized vessels are unable to access small ports and towns. Something large enough to offer plenty of space while providing a more authentic experience, visiting destinations that aren’t inundated by hordes of passengers or have skylines dwarfed by massive multi-story ships is just right. Avoid any vessel weighing more than 500 tons as that’s the limit for most villages and ports along the Adriatic coast. A yacht that ranges from 131 to 145 feet with a gross tonnage of 300 or less is ideal. 

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