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Luxury Catamaran Charter in Croatia

Welcome to the world of luxury catamaran charters in Croatia, where turquoise waters, unspoiled nature, and idyllic islands await you. Croatia is a dream destination for catamaran enthusiasts, offering a unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. With its charming coastal towns, secluded bays, and crystal-clear seas, Croatia is a sailor’s paradise. And what better way to explore this stunning country than aboard a luxurious catamaran?

Our bespoke catamaran charters in Croatia, provide an exclusive and personalized sailing experience that caters to your every desire. We have a fleet of high-end catamarans that are designed to offer the ultimate in comfort, luxury, and performance. Our catamarans come equipped with all the modern amenities, including air-conditioning and en-suite cabins.

Our skippered charters also dock at less-visited islands that don’t get the attention they deserve, like Solta which provides the chance to experience authentic Croatian culture, still untouched by mass tourism.

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Sail in Croatia on Our Lagoon 450 Catamaran

Lagoon 450 catamaran

Lagoon 450 Catamaran

Our air-conditioned lagoon 450 catamaran is perfect for families or groups of up to 6 friends looking to do charter yachts in Croatia. The vessel comes fully equipped with a professional skipper and a fantastic hostess. The catamaran was fully refurbished in 2019 and includes new upholstery, teak decks and enhanced navigation and on board safety equipment. This crewed catamaran is also equipped with an inflatable tender fitted with a 40HP engine.

Catamaran salon

The Catamaran's Salon

This catamaran boasts a cozy convertible salon that’s warm, extra-spacious and bright, accommodating up to 10 guests (we recommend no more than 8). It delivers luxuries and a welcoming atmosphere that’s ergonomically designed and flooded with natural light thanks to its sizable glazed panels. There is plenty of room for our on board hostess to prepare meals along with a galley that includes all the essentials.

On those days when the weather isn’t cooperating, you can expect to enjoy more than enough room to stretch out, relax, dine, or play cards. With big vertical windows, you’ll get to gaze out at 360-degree views of the passing scenery too.

Catamaran aft deck

The Catamaran's Layout

When looking over the catamaran’s cabin layout you’ll see the four-cabin layout with private bathrooms for each with separate showers. There is also one single bow crew cabin that has a separate entrance from the deck. It includes a bunk bed making it ideal for the cabin and hostess. The other bow area has been reserved for the crew bathroom in order to provide even more privacy to every guest on board. On port and starboard are an additional four bathrooms, while the front deck includes trampolines and the large aft deck is where you’ll enjoy most of your meals – what more could you want as you sail in Croatia!

Lagoon 450 deck plan

The Catamaran's Cabins

The airy feeling and spaciousness of this vessel continues when heading below deck with the four comfortable cabins, each including a large double bed that ensures a peaceful night’s sleep out on the water. They are also exceptionally well-lit from natural light due to those large glazed panels on the hulls and come with outstanding non-natural lighting too, making it easy to read a book before getting some shuteye.

Sailing between Croatian islands on this private yacht catamaran feels like staying in your own floating apartment, with many of the comforts of home, like en-suite bathrooms with electric toilets, air conditioning and plenty of ventilation too.

catamaran trampoline

Catamaran's Water toys

The catamaran is one of our finest yachts in Croatia and comes with on board water toys which include 2 paddleboards, a 2 person kayak, snorkelling equipment for the guests, water skis, a donut and plenty of buoyancy jackets. The boat also comes with an inflatable tender and 40HP engine, which is capable of whisking you to a nearby jetty or marina when needed. Sailing Croatia has never been easier.

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