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Croatia Deluxe Ships

Look forward to cruising in elegant style on board one of more most sought-after vessels, with our newly built deluxe ships designed to the highest standards with state-of the-art-equipment and spacious modern en-suite cabins that are all soundproofed and air-conditioned.

A variety of common areas provide perfect spots for socializing and relaxing, including sun decks for relaxing in a comfortable lounger while gazing out at the endless expanse of the island-dotted turquoise sea. With a maximum capacity of 40 passengers, you can expect plenty of personal attention and insider tips from the knowledgeable crew.

The smaller size of the ships mean they can navigate narrow waterways while providing the ability for swim stops in enticing secluded coves and entry to smaller ports of call. These deluxe excursions include four guided city tours where you’ll be awed by remarkable medieval architecture and much more, along with fantastic tasting experiences both on board and off. Fresh fruit and bottled water will be offered each day, along with buffet-style breakfasts and four-courses lunches with a drink. Three evening meals are included as well.

  • Cruise Croatia Black Swan

    MV Black Swan

    The MV Black Swan made her debut in 2018, featuring extra-spacious cabins and a wide range of amenities to ensure your comfort while enjoying a magical adventure sailing the Croatian coast. She includes a hot tub on the sun deck for soaking while surrounded by stunning Adriatic views.

  • Cruise Croatia MV Avangard

    MV Avangard

    Launched in 2017, the MV Avangard is a sleek modern yacht with 18 en-suite, air-conditioned cabins, some of which include large windows for sweeping vistas of the breathtaking Dalmatian scenery. She features state-of-the-art-technology and modern amenities, including free Wi-Fi and a sundeck with a Jacuzzi.

  • MS Oscar

    MS Oscar

    Launched in 2022, the MS Oscar offers the chance to cruise on a brand-new classically styled motor yacht. This luxurious vessel is designed to provide passengers the utmost in comforts, sailing in affordable style as she captivates onlookers with her elegant sleek lines. She accommodates a maximum of 36 guests for an especially tranquil excursion that allows her to reach intimate ports of call.

  • Pheonix Croatia Cruise Ship

    MS Phoenix

    A brand new ship for 2021, the MS Phoenix provides impeccable standards and all the latest up-to-date facilities for its 36 guests to enjoy. The 18 cabins have all been fitted with modern amenities and comfortable, pleasing surroundings. MS Phoenix also has a salon-style restaurant and bar that can be found on the upper deck, where the sundeck houses a jacuzzi and sunbeds to relax on.

  • MV Adriatic King

    MV Adriatic King

    The MV Adriatic King is a luxurious head-turning yacht that offers intimate cruises along the Croatian coast with just 18 spacious cabins and the ability to reach smaller harbors and out-of-the-way ports for a more authentic experience. She was built to meet and exceed the latest global standards to ensure safety and comfort with many desirable features, including a large sun deck with loungers and a bubbling Jacuzzi.

  • Cruise Croatia MV Riva

    MV Riva

    The newly built MV Riva recently made her debut, a class apart from the rest, providing a luxurious, intimate cruising experience for up to 38 passengers in large air-conditioned cabins. She offers a number of desirable amenities, including a hot tub, hydro-massage pool and gym.

  • Cruise Croatia MV Maritimo

    MV Maritimo

    This deluxe vessel set new standards for small-ship cruising, making her maiden voyage in 2017. She has a maximum capacity of just 38 passengers and 19 well-equipped cabins, along with an outdoor lounge for gazing at the spectacular surrounding views, a sun deck, swimming platform and hot tub.

  • Cruise Croatia MV Futura

    MV Futura

    This lavish vessel takes small-ship cruising up a notch with 19 en-suite, state-of-the-art cabins and a maximum of 38 guests for an intimate, personalized experience. Look forward to soaking in the soothing Jacuzzi and utilizing the swimming platform for easy access to the crystal-clear blue sea.

  • MS Nautilus

    MS Nautilus

    The beautiful MS Nautilus was built brand new for the 2019 cruising season. An intimate cruiser, this luxury ship features modern, air-conditioned cabins with a maximum capacity for just 38 passengers. She offers affordable comfort and amenities to ensure both a safe and comfortable cruise.

  • Cruise Croatia MV Admiral

    MV Admiral

    This deluxe ship features the latest state-of-the-art equipment and 19 sound-proofed, air-conditioned cabins with a capacity for up to 39 passengers, ensuring exceptional personalized service. Here outdoor spaces are impressive, including a large sundeck with loungers and a Jacuzzi where you can marvel at the passing scenery.

  • Cruise Croatia MV Aquamarin

    MV Aquamarin

    The beautiful MV Aquamarin is the sister ship to the MV Admiral, a deluxe vessel that joined the fleet in 2017. Built to the highest specifications, she provides impressive comfort and amenities to ensure an outstanding, intimate cruise experience for a maximum of 39 passengers.

  • My Way, Croatia Small Ship Cruise

    MV My Way

    Making her debut in 2018, the MV My Way has become one of the most sought-after vessels for a small-ship cruise through Croatia. She offers a stylish way to experience its coastal highlights, with 21 spacious cabins, a sun deck with loungers, a swimming platform and hot tub.

  • MV Katatrina

    MV Katarina

    Just launched for the 2019 cruising season, the deluxe MV Katarina is large enough to offer plenty of space and modern amenities for a maximum of 38 passengers, yet small enough to dock into all of Croatia’s ports. She includes a large sundeck, a Jacuzzi and complimentary Wi-Fi.

  • Cruise Croatia MS Desire

    MS Desire

    This luxurious 5-star vessel has been impressing passengers ever since launching in 2017. She has a maximum capacity of 38 passengers with plenty of room to stretch out. Guests can enjoy the sundeck, loungers and bubbling hot tub while gazing out at stunning Adriatic views.

  • Cruise Croatiaa MS Arca

    MS Arca

    This modern vessel provides an intimate atmosphere with a maximum capacity of 38 passengers, allowing for the utmost in attentive, personal service. She offers contemporary amenities throughout and has a large sundeck with a hot tub where guests enjoy the salty sea air and jaw-dropping views.

  • MS Bella

    MS Bella

    Just built for the 2019 sailing season, the MS Bella offers an intimate cruising experience for an unforgettable adventure through Croatia’s highlights, with a maximum capacity of just 36 guests. She offers high-end features like a swimming pool and a Jacuzzi on a large sundeck.

  • Cruise Croatia MS Mama Marija

    MS Mama Marija

    The lavish MS Mama Marija is narrow enough for entering the hearts of medieval cities, secluded coves and small islands, yet she offers passengers plenty of space with modern, en-suite cabins and plenty of desirable amenities. There are multiple common areas for relaxing and socializing, including a rooftop Jacuzzi.

  • MS Ambassador

    MS Ambassador

    This elegant yacht was built for the 2019, designed to meet the most refined expectations with state-of-the-art amenities throughout. She hosts 20 air-conditioned cabins, a stylish lounge and bar, a sun deck with a rooftop Jacuzzi and a swimming platform for convenient access to the clear blue sea.

  • Cruise Croatia MS Fantazija

    MS Fantazija

    This deluxe coastal cruiser offers a luxurious way to experience the highlights of Croatia, with a maximum capacity of just 38 passengers. Enjoy relaxing in your spacious cabin with state-of-the-art amenities or on the large sundeck while taking in the awe-inspiring views of the island-dotted Adriatic.

  • Cruise Croatia MS Adriatic Queen

    MS Adriatic Queen

    This vessel is ideal for an unforgettable cruising excursion in the Adriatic. Sail Croatia in affordable style, enjoying the intimate atmosphere with a maximum capacity for just 30 passengers. Look forward to relaxing in the soothing waters of the Jacuzzi on the sundeck while taking in stunning passing views.

  • Cruise Croatia MS Stella Maris

    MS Stella Maris

    This deluxe vessel was recently renovated, bringing small-ship cruising to a whole new level with a maximum capacity of 36 passengers, ensuring outstanding personalized service. She features indoor and outdoor dining areas, 18 en-suite cabins with modern amenities and a swimming platform for easy access to the sea.

  • MS Equator

    MS Equator

    This luxurious ship has the feel of an exclusive yacht with its elegant lines, wealth of amenities and state-of-the-art equipment. She offers plenty of space with a maximum capacity of 36 passengers, while being narrow enough to reach secluded coves, small island ports and the hearts of ancient cities.

  • MS Summer

    MS Summer

    The deluxe MS Summer embarked on her maiden voyage in 2019. She carries a maximum of 38 passengers, providing a highly personalized, intimate cruise in a tranquil atmosphere with luxurious comforts at an affordable price.

  • MS Sea Swallow

    MS Sea Swallow

    Making her debut for the 2019 cruising season, this luxurious yacht was built to the highest standards with a host of modern amenities. Take advantage of the huge sundeck with a rooftop Jacuzzi and look forward to a peaceful night’s sleep in one of just 18 sound-proofed cabins.

  • MS Adriatic Sky

    MS Adriatic Sky

    The luxury class MS Adriatic Sky will be launched for the 2020 season, a brand-new yacht-like ship with sleek lines and lots of style for cruising the Croatian coast and the country’s island jewels. Guaranteed to wow passengers, she’s elegant and sophisticated while providing luxurious comforts from her spacious en-suite cabins to the large sundeck with inviting daybeds and a hot tub, all at a more affordable price.

  • MS Kapetan Bota

    MS Kapetan Bota

    The newly-built Kapetan Bota is an impressive vessel, designed exclusively to cruise the stunning Dalmatia coastline, small enough to provide an intimate experience that allows for a berth at smaller ports, but large enough to provide ample space for all guests. She wows passengers from the moment they step aboard with her state-of-the-art facilities and advanced technology for the ultimate in cruising comfort.

  • MS Invictus

    MS Invictus

    The superior MS Invictus is a brand-new luxury yacht-like cruiser, launching in 2020. She was built to provide affordable comforts for cruising the spectacular Croatian coast. She features state-of-the-art safety and navigation systems, spacious modern cabins and desirable facilities like a rooftop Jacuzzi, sundeck, swimming platform, elegant dining room and bar area.