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Croatia Cycling Cruises

If you’re an avid cyclist who wants to explore the highlights of Croatia, there’s no better way to do it then with a Croatia cycling cruise. Sailing the Dalmatian coast on its own is a delight, particularly on an elegant yacht-like cruiser, but just imagine being able to tour each destination by bicycle once you arrive. You’ll escape those tourist crowds, going off the beaten path to discover all sorts of delights that you probably wouldn’t have seen otherwise. Each day includes anything from a short and easy, less than 10-mile pedal to more challenging 30-mile routes, all of which can be adjusted to suit the capabilities of participating cyclists.

These trips typically include plenty of swim stops for enjoying the enticing waters of the Adriatic, often while anchored in a secluded bay surrounded by spectacular scenery. There’s nothing better than a refreshing dip after spending the day riding through landscapes with beautiful coastlines and idyllic beaches, lavender fields, vineyards and forests along with charming towns with cobbled streets lined with medieval architecture. You’ll enjoy plenty of delicious meals to stay fueled up too, from the daily breakfast that’s included (plus lunch or dinner each day) to opportunities for sampling traditional dishes in local eateries.