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Croatia Small Ship Cruises

For travelers who don’t relish being on a huge ship jam-packed with others, Croatia small ship cruises may be the ideal alternative. Not only has Croatia become one of the world’s most sought-after travel destinations, but sailing on a smaller, more intimate vessel can be a lot more comfortable while creating an even more memorable experience. These lines frequently offer themed itineraries focusing on everything from romantic ports and excursions to interests like wine tasting or outdoor adventures. They typically come at a variety of price points, from more budget-friendly to luxurious while offering more flexibility too. Small ship cruising lends itself to more personalized trips, with the crew able to provide more attentive service thanks to the smaller number of passengers. While you’re unlikely to find casinos and theaters, a smaller ship can get you to destinations that the big cruisers can’t, including small islands and hidden coves for enticing swims.

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