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Croatia Yacht Charter Guide

Want to experience the Mediterranean as it once was? Croatia is one of Europe’s best-preserved regions, perfect for luxury yacht charters in the world. Charter one our sleek motor sailers to explore charter regions and Croatian islands like Vis, which was closed off to the public for some 40 years while used as the military headquarters of Tito’s partisan army.

On a sailing vacation in this beautiful country, you’ll find an authentic environment that makes for an unforgettable Croatia yacht with spectacular options for a crewed yacht charter. In a relatively small area, there are eight national parks, nearly half of which are right on the Adriatic, including Mljet, Kornati, and Brijuni, making it easy to explore those treasures too.

Whilst considering our Croatia luxury charters, you’ll find that in addition to the national parks, there are 11 nature parks with two on the Adriatic, Lastovo Island and Telasica Bay on Dugi Otok. Timeless beauty isn’t all you’ll discover whilst exploring Croatia on your sailing yacht. With the country inhabited since prehistoric times, history enthusiasts will find an endless array of delights, easily enjoyed through Croatia sailing tours, from Diocletian’s Palace in Split to Dubrovnik’s UNESCO-listed medieval walled Old Town.

Of course, you probably have some questions about our Croatia sailing tours and yachts in Croatia, with answers to the most frequently asked revealed below.

Our guide to Sailing in Croatia

Croatia Sailing Yacht Family

Can I bring my children on your luxury yacht charters?

A yacht charter in Croatia offers a fabulous escape for the whole family, something that thrills all ages, including the kids who often radiate with excitement with the change to sail out on the water, discovering new places while enjoying all sorts of activities.

We welcome all onboard our crewed yacht charter vacations; however, for safety reasons, we recommend that children have the ability to swim and that extra caution be taken when walking on slippery surfaces, crossing from shore to the yacht, and simply moving around due to the ropes and booms. Should non-swimmers join us onboard, it’s imperative to take additional precautions.

We advise bringing well-fitted lifejackets as well as harnesses and tethers that will keep the kids attached to the boat should they fall overboard. If placed well, they’ll prevent this from occurring in the first place. Keep in mind that July and August are hot during a charter in Croatia, which means lifejackets can be uncomfortable and cause overheating, making inflatable jackets with tethers more suitable for children. If you’ll be bringing children who are aged 6 or younger, we highly recommend using nets that go around the yacht which can be organized upon booking any one of our charter vacations.

Croatia Sailing Yacht

Are there any mandatory extras when sailing in Croatia?

When hiring a crewed yacht, there are typically obligatory extras, which are additional items that you’ll need to pay. They vary from yacht to yacht and typically include items like Croatia local tax and a final cleaning. You can view the specific items for all luxury yacht charters on the details page under the obligatory extras section.

Croatia Sailing Yacht

Are there additional items that can be added to the booking for yachts in Croatia?

There are usually optional extras that can be added to your sailing Croatia itinerary. As with the obligatory extras, these vary depending on the yacht.

The yacht details page will reveal which optional extras are available on your sailing yacht. For example, there may be snorkels and SUPs available on catamaran charters. Or, our motor yacht charters often come with a small RIB to make it easy to reach shore.

These fun extras will add to the fun of exploring Croatia and the Dalmatian Coast. For charter pricing details, talk to our travel experts.

Croatia Sailing Yacht

What are the costs of mooring in Croatia?

A mooring buoy provides privacy and seclusion on all Croatia charter yachts, estimated to be around 30 to 40 Euros per night. Mooring in a marina costs more, approximately 40 to 130 Euros per night, but they offer fresh-water refills and shore power for the sailing yacht along with showers and toilet facilities, restaurants, and cafes. Generally, it’s best to mix up the options for a balance of both throughout the week.

By exploring Croatia and overnighting in destinations around the Dalmation Coast that are a bit further from towns and marinas, it’s usually makes your yacht charter in Croatia more affordable. Note that the date you’re sailing, and the size of your vessel can affect the price of marinas and mooring buoys. The costs we’ve provided are estimations based on a 40-foot yacht.

Food Market Croatia

What other costs do I need to consider?

A local tax will be required for every person that will be on your yacht, including the skipper and host or hostess (if applicable) which is based on the number of days that you will be traveling. It is also customary to cover the skipper’s expenses for the week such as meals, drinks, and water taxis. You’ll also need to begin your week of sailing in Croatia by stocking the vessel with food and drink. Your skipper will provide recommendations as to where to shop and the best yacht charter destinations around the area.

Where does the skipper sleep?

Where does the skipper sleep?

Generally, the skipper is provided with their own stern cabin on the crewed yacht to use throughout the duration of the sailing charter, although a cabin in the bow may be possible. While it’s best to assume your skipper will require a stern cabin, anything other than this usual agreement may be agreed upon before booking your charter (with discretion).

Croatia Sailing Yacht

Can I do any sailing, or will the skipper always be in charge?

While the skipper will always be official in charge of the yacht to ensure safety, depending on your level of sailing experience, you can take the helm, doing as much or as little sailing as you like provided the skipper feels that it is safe. Our motor yachts and bareboat charters are very comfortable, and are great ways to explore the Croatian islands and the Dalmatian coast with a well planned Croatia itinerary.  It is important to note that while skippers take pride in the presentation of their yacht, they are not cleaners, maids or cooks.

Dinner in Croatia

What will the skipper do during the evening on the charter?

Skippers on yachts in Croatia are often early risers, bunking down early after a long day of sailing. They are also professionals who are very good at reading various social situations in all charter types, so they will interact with different groups of people in different ways. The level of interaction is entirely up to the group during your Croatia itinerary; for example, if you and your group decide to ask the skipper to join you for evening fun, they may accept your invitation or decide to stay onboard and wait for everyone to return.

Croatia Sailing Yacht Skipper

Is tipping the skipper required?

Tipping your skipper is highly recommended, with the customary guideline 15 to 20 percent of the skipper’s fee, although as that is so wide ranging, this is at your discretion. Skippers on charter yachts can add immense value to the overall charter experience; therefore, we ask request that you provide the appropriate gratuity you believe the skipper deserves. It will be a sailing charter to remember!

Croatia Sailing Yacht

Does the skipper speak English?

While our skippers can from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities, all speak English at a high level, ensuring your yacht charter in Croatia will not be hindered in any way. Any of the boats from our charter fleet will match this standard. Onboard the crewed yacht charter, the vast majority tend to be outstanding communicators who speak superb English. Oftentimes, with the skipper being a local to the region in which you’re traveling, knowing the local language can be a big benefit to those on board, but all will also speak English to a level that is more than acceptable.

Croatia Sailing Yacht

How much value does the skipper add to the trip?

An experienced, fully qualified and commercially endorsed skipper will have a ton of local knowledge to share that can significantly enhance the trip.  These expert sailors provide many benefits with the ability to recommend the best spots for charter regions, charter types, for mooring, the optimal times to visit certain destinations, where to dine, and more. The skipper will also know the charter fleet inside out – skippering Croatia charter yachts is their job, so it comes as second nature. They can also teach you new sailing skills or even help you rediscover confidence at the helm while also providing an extra pair of hands when it comes to any difficult chores such as heavy lifting.


What is Croatia’s weather like?

The weather in Croatia is typical Mediterranean, with summers warm and dry, and winters mild. It’s boasts one of Europe’s sunniest coastlines with 2,600 hours of sun annually. During the peak of summer, July and August, temperatures are typically around 30°C (86°F). This is a great time to enjoy Croatia charter yachts. In the shoulder seasons of May/June and September/October it usually drops to around 23°C (73°-74°C F). The time of year will affect the charter pricing.

Croatia’s prevailing winds are from the north-west, averaging wind speeds of 7 to 8 knots which increases to a comfortable Force 4-5 (10 to 20 knots) on some afternoons, providing some exhilarating fun for sailing. It’s important to check forecasts regularly when you’re sailing in Croatia to avoid being surprised by the ‘Bora,’ a north easterly.

Croatia Sailing Yacht

What will happen if any damage occurs?

As the skipper is the one officially in charge of handling the yacht, the skipper will be responsible for any damage that might be caused on one of the charter yachts by sailing, motor sailers, anchoring, or manoeuvring, provided that it is attributed to their own actions, whether negligent or willful. As the charterer on the motor yacht charter, you will be assuming full responsibility for your guests and are liable should either you or your guests cause damage to the yacht during charter vacations.

Croatia Sailing Yacht

What do you recommend I bring on the yacht tour?

As our charter yachts are so well-equipped to ensure cruising in comfort, you need little more than suntan lotion and a beach towel. We always advised traveling light for a sailing trip, which means bringing a few bathing suits, wraps, shorts and T-shirts for during the day and a light sweater or jacket to wear after dark. When shopping in the local towns, consider that you may need to cover up, and you’ll also need some casual wear and shoes for exploring when ashore. While onboard the catamaran charters, deck shoes are generally worn so as to not mark up the decks.

As there is limited storage for hard-shell suitcases on our yachts, please pack your belongings in only soft luggage that can be folded away. If you bring excess baggage or hard suitcases, they can’t always be left at the base, so try to pack relatively lightly no matter what yacht charter destinations you’re visiting.

Croatia Sailing Yacht

When are the boarding and disembarkation times?

Embarkation of a sailing charter in Croatia is usually not until 5 p.m, as this allows for time in between trips for maintenance and thorough cleaning. If you arrive before that, you may be able to board in the afternoon if the yacht as ready, but that can’t be guaranteed in advance. Late arrivals can board at any time throughout the night, checking in the next morning.

The yacht is required to return to the base no later than 6 p.m. on day before the charter ends. It will need to be vacated by 9 a.m. on your final day, allowing for maintenance and cleaning time before the next charter begins. If you have a return flight booked later in the day, you’ll be able to leave your bags at the base to enjoy sightseeing or the beach. It may be possible to pay for an additional day’s charter if you prefer to keep the yacht until it’s time to leave for the airport.

Croatia Sailing Yacht Packing List

Our packing suggestions on charter yachts

  • A waterproof, lightweight jacket and non-slip shoes
  • A wide-rimmed sun hat or cap
  • Sunglasses with neck strap
  • A beach towel
  • Gloves for anchor work
  • Travel-size liquid soap and toiletries
  • High SPF waterproof sunscreen cream or lotion
  • Your mobile phone and a 12v car charger
  • Scented diaper/nappy bags are helpful for toilet paper by trapping foul odours (toilet paper must never be flushed down yacht toilets)
  • We also recommend insect repellent, seasickness tablets, antacid or other medicines for stomach upset, and antihistamines. If you take any medication regularly, be sure to bring enough to last for at least the duration of the time you’ll be away.

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