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Croatia Yoga Cruises

Why go on a yoga retreat when you can go on a yoga cruise? A Croatia yoga cruise focused on yoga offers the chance to achieve that ideal balance between body, mind and spirit, and nature. You’ll be able to spend a week getting to know the Dalmatian coast and its island jewels, while sailing across the azure waters of the Adriatic in an elegant yacht-like cruiser, fueling up with the region’s famously delicious, yet nutritious meals. In between exploring the sights there will be opportunities for yoga practice and meditation under the Mediterranean sun, all while immersed in the dazzling beauty of nature.

A Croatia yoga holiday also brings plenty of opportunities to swim and secluded bays and off the shores of some of the most photogenic beaches in the world, and discovering unique wonders like the Blue Cave. It’s all about experiencing the destination rather than a quick overview. In between, look forward to relaxing on the sundeck, surrounded by breathtaking scenery and enjoying the salty sea breeze. This is total harmony and inner peace, the way it should be, the chance to let go and dedicate time to yourself while exploring one of the world’s most coveted destinations.