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Croatia Cruises from Zadar

Board a Croatia cruise from Zadar in Northern Dalmatia. This elegant coastal city is the the economic, political and cultural centre of the region and is the oldest continuously-inhabited city in Croatia.

As with many cities in Croatia, architecture from many bygone eras can be seen in Zadar. History enthusiasts will be enthralled at the Roman, Byzantine, Venetian and Renaissance influences.

Today the city is well-known for it’s art. Before your cruise from Zadar, don’t miss The Greeting to the Sun, a large circular glass plate set into floor of the public promenade which is solar-powered and lights up spectacularly at night. By the same artist is the Sea Organ installation which plays music as the sea laps its steps. It’s magical place from which to watch the sunset. Sunsets were made famous in Zadar when Alfred Hitchcock said “The sunset of Zadar is the world’s most beautiful and incomparably better than in Key West, Florida”.

Set sail from Zadar aboard one of our island-hopping Croatia cruises to experience the stunning Dalmatian Coast in comfort and style. Talk to our team today to incorporate a night’s stay in Zadar before you board your cruise.