Amazing, fantastic, unforgettable.

Pietro, Edi, and Jelena –

Happy Wednesday from back in Canada!

I have to say, I have been looking forward to finally getting some time to write this email to you all, and it is my sincere hope that you pass it along to your bosses.

Justin and I want to express our most heartfelt thank you.
Thank you, truly.

Without you, it is without a doubt that our wedding and honeymoon would have felt like a bad dream in comparison to the dream come true that it ended up being.

From the very beginning when I went to book the cruise I was taken aback by the responsiveness and friendliness of your team. Little did I know, that there would be hurdle after hurdle ahead and we would end up feeling taken care of by friends we’ve known for years. Never once had we felt like a customer or a reservation number – and sitting here at home thinking about it I am still overcome with gratitude and appreciation.

The phone calls, the emails, the WhatsApp messages throughout the trip…the 6am COVID tour. Edi and Jelena – you showing up at our hotel room while we were at such a low point just to reassure us and to give us a hug. You finding a solution and making us know and feel that we were your top priority and that any hurdle we were to face we weren’t alone and that it would be figured out… wow. It has been by far one of the best customer care experiences of my life; taken care of by the kindness of humans, not just employees doing their job. Again, my gratitude overflows and it was a highlight of our trip getting to know you.

To your bosses:

As a business owner myself I know that a team like yours doesn’t happen by accident. A company doesn’t attract people of that caliber and capacity without having a culture that lives and breathes by that mentality and actively cultivates that kind of bias to action by their team members. For that, I want to say bravo! It is my hope that we can more positively emulate that type of culture at our own company.

From what I have experienced you have kind, personable, funny, thoughtful, down to earth, determined, solution-oriented, hard-working, knowledgeable individuals on your team. I hope in some way they get recognized for what an amazing experience they have provided for my husband on I in such unique times with so many curveballs along the way. They are in my opinion exemplary ambassadors to the Unforgettable brand.

We, without a doubt, will be Unforgettable customers for life.

Sincierly and with thanks,

The Gingerich’s