What a welcoming country!

I went on this fantastic cruise totally by myself after a difficult few months, working long hours every day during Covid. The ship was immaculate and I can not thank all the crew enough for everything, especially the Captain Edi. The ship was onlt about half full so there were no issues with social distancing and it was so clean. The foot was all served to us, even breakfast, with eggs cooked to order. Thanks to Damir for the pancakes that he made for me on a couple of mornings. We visited all the main islands like Hvar and Korcula and were shown around by some amazing local guides. Our cruise manager was also great and we all became like one large family by the end of the trip. The locals were also so welcoming wherever we went and the weather was fantastic as expected, with not a cloud in the sky all week. I am planning on a similar one with one of my friends in September 2022 and we will also tour some of the rest of the country.