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Ridiculous Reviews - Karens Unite, Slating the World’s Wonders

“Not wow”….Funniest Reviews of The World’s Wonders

Picture this: the days are getting shorter, the evenings are becoming darker, and with a long winter on the horizon you decide it’s time to think about booking your next trip – but where to?

How about some of the world’s most famous landmarks? Travelled to in abundance and admired by countless tourists, picking which one to visit is no small decision. So, you head to your favourite review site to get some independent advice and opinions on each – only to find that some people had a rather…interesting take on these so-called wonders of the world.

We’re all familiar with the “Karen” stereotype (think middle-class white woman, demanding to speak to the manager), and in this blog post we’ll shed light on some of the funniest reviews that give off the same vibe. Get ready to giggle.


1. The Eiffel Tower: Paris

“Ugly clunk of metal ruining the view of the park, looks like it was made by a homeless man. Thought it was a weird scaffold at first.”

2. The Colosseum: Rome

“This building was so run down and I think it should be remodeled. Although it was massive it was too broken and there weren’t any gladiators fighting. So I believe no one should go there because it is a fraud.”

3. Christ the Redeemer: Rio de Janeiro

“A big statue. Better viewed from a distance. Ask Carl Pilkington.”

4. The Grand Palace: Bangkok

“It’s just a Grand Palace. It’s grand. Seen a lot of palaces all over the world and it’s another one. Wasn’t that impressed.”

5. Stonehenge: Wiltshire, England

“There is no ancient energy left, it’s energetically empty.”

6. Neuschwanstein Castle: Schwangau, Germany

“Fake castle, wasn’t built until after we harnessed electricity. Basically Ludwig II felt sad and powerless and thought building a fake castle or two would make him feel better. It didn’t work, he died at 40. Don’t bother.”

7. Statue of Liberty: New York

“Out of all the colours the person who created this beautiful lady could choose, they went for green”

8. Mont Saint-Michel: Normandy, France

“Enjoy the magical place from afar as once on the narrow streets it is all fake tatt overpriced tourist rubbish and fast food outlets.”

9. Buckingham Palace: London

“A big house in London with more bedrooms than mine and probably more televisions although I did not see one nor a sky dish either.”

“Wouldn’t let me see the king”

10. Leaning Tower of Pisa: Pisa, Italy

“Nice cathedral but the main tower is clearly set at an angle – who on earth built this thing?”

11. The Acropolis: Athens, Greece

“Not wow”

12. Grand Canyon: USA

“I’ve been to a number of so called landmarks in my time – but what the hell was this? Just an overblown sandy ditch. Really don’t get the fascination! Took two hours to get there – should’ve stayed in my hotel and watched a DVD instead…”

13. Giant’s Causeway: Northern Ireland, U.K.

“Just a pile of odd shaped rocks. No giants.”

14. Petra: Jordan

“Arrived there, a guy plays the flute for 5mins, then another guy takes the mic and basically says “Petra is a wonderful site, take pictures for your friends to make them jealous so that they come here, ok goodbye” over in 15mins. 17 euros for that? Wow. So disappointing. Really not worth it, stay in bed.”

15. The Great Pyramid of Giza: Cairo, Egypt

“I was so excited to see the pyramids but upon arriving I was shocked to see so much sand covering the ground and surrounding area. Now I was under the impression that they would clear this sand to make way for us but they did no such thing!!!!”

16. Taj Mahal: Agra, India

“I would use stronger words, that rhyme with hit-mole, but this is a public forum. And that’s being kind.”

17. Sydney Opera House: Sydney

“Genuinely love how all tourists take pictures of this giant dish rack as if they have never done their dishes before. Amazing.”

18. La Sagrada Familia: Barcelona

“An ugly tasteless monstrosity turned Into a massive cash cow funded by culturally ignorant tourists. At 26€ a pop one really has to wonder…”

19. Burj Khalifa: Dubai

“Very misleading name, Wiz Khalifa never played and there was no burjers to eat. Very sad wasted trip”

20. Angkor Wat: Siem Reap, Cambodia

“Disappointing – needs a good clean”

21. The Brandenburg Gate: Berlin

“It’s a gate, but into what? Like, where does it lead? You go through it and then you are still in the same place?! Kind of defeats the purpose”

22. Golden Gate Bridge: San Francisco

“The bridge is not even golden. I drove across the entire country expecting a bridge made entirely out of gold. Instead what I saw was a lame red color. So disappointed.”

23. The Western Wall: Jerusalem

“I can’t see what all the fuss is about. There is nothing obviously spiritual about it. It is just a wall.”

24. Mount Rushmore National Memorial: Keystone, South Dakota

“A perfectly good mountain was ruined to create this. The Barbie version my niece showed me was miles better and did not ruin the environment by creating the absolute eye sore that is the real mount rushmore.”

25. Mount Fuji: Honshu, Japan

“Idk didn’t like the vibe there”

“Flew by it several times. Description says it is active. What’s active about it? It’s always covered in snow.”

26. Potala Palace: Lhasa, Tibet

“If you are expecting anything remotely spiritual, forget it. An empty shell. This mountain of a palace looks incredible from the outside, and that is where you should stay, outside.”

27. Machu Picchu: Peru

“All the buildings had no roofs and we couldn’t find an off licence anywhere! The food was weird, and the lamas were just rude!”

28. The Great Wall of China: China

“Can people stop saying you can see it from space? The thing is tiny, even the widest part is only like 30 feet across. It is basically invisible from space”

29. Victoria Falls: Zimbabwe and Zambia

“Just some water running off the edge of a cliff. I was bored.”

Research your way to your next trip

Travelling far and wide is an incredible opportunity to expand our horizons and ‘broaden the mind’ as the budding philosophers among us might say, but clearly some people didn’t quite get the memo…

So, next time you’re weighing up options for a meaningful travel experience, make sure to scroll through the bad reviews too – hours of amusement await you.

The meaningfulness of these destinations clearly went over these tourists’ heads, but if Croatia is a destination that catches your eye with wonders such as the stunning Plitvice Lakes, make sure to check out Cruise Croatia’s small ship excursions for spectacular journeys across the Adriatic sea.

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