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5 Ways Cruise Croatia is Leading the Way in Sustainable Cruising

The dedicated team at Cruise Croatia creates unique small-ship cruises with a firm commitment to sustainability. While the company has experienced rapid growth to become one of the leading organizations in the small ship cruising industry, sustainable tourism, and social responsibility have been at the forefront of operations from the start. 

Cruise Croatia is now leading the way when it comes to sustainable cruising, with a pledge to be the most environmentally friendly company at sea and on land through more eco-friendly excursions and travel itineraries. Every member of our team is aware of the impact of travel on the environment, with the aim to boost local economies while encouraging sustainable travel initiatives and minimizing our ecological footprint.

Of course, words aren’t going to make a difference. It’s the actions that reveal Cruise Croatia is living up to its pledge as a leader when it comes to sustainable cruising.

We operate the newest fleet of ships in Croatia

The newer the yacht, the more environmentally friendly it usually is. Newer vessels don’t just look beautiful, turning heads with their sleek polished lines, but they use less fuel per nautical mile, whereas older models, just like cars, tend to be gas guzzlers. Innovative designs with the latest and greatest materials, the same way car manufacturers create different bodies to draw new customers, can decrease hydrodynamic drag to improve fuel efficiency. Hulls that are lighter and more durable are more fuel efficient. Given the cost of fuel and the myriad of environmental challenges the planet is facing, this makes a dramatic difference. Improved fuel efficiency lowers your carbon footprint, lessens the environmental impact, and also puts less pressure on your wallet. The more efficient hull designs and newer engines have managed to reduce fuel consumption by 30 percent.


Our vessels sail for no more than 4 hours per day

Thanks to Croatia’s long and magnificent coast, coupled with around a thousand islands and islets, there’s no need to travel far to the next destination, which is why our vessels don’t sail longer than four hours on any given day. Our chic sailing yachts are a much better option for cruising to the many islands in Croatia as you can see a lot more by covering short distances this way. Those massive cruise ships not only use significantly more fuel but they’re forced to anchor at larger ports due to their size, with the inability to access smaller harbors, requiring more hours or cruising as well. A Croatia small ship cruise fits the bill as a luxury trip while maintaining that firm commitment to sustainability.


We source a lot of our ingredients locally

The more ingredients that can be sourced locally, the better it is for the environment and local economies. One of the great things about a Croatia small ship cruise is the opportunity to source local food and beverages. Unlike those big cruise ships that haul aboard tons of frozen foods at the start of every voyage, the chef or crew on smaller ships can pick and choose from regional and local farms and wineries along their itineraries. They buy what they need for a smaller number of guests, meaning no bulk processed foods that can harm health and the environment. Instead, you can expect flavorful dishes made with high-quality ingredients that taste better and without the guilt. Cruise Croatia sources as many local and organic ingredients as possible, and without plastic packaging. Local buying also helps the communities visited by patronizing local businesses, contributing to the economy and potentially creating more local jobs too.


We avoid single-use plastic

Nearly three-quarters of plastic finds its way into landfills or into the environment, in the ocean and on shorelines. Plastic trash in the ocean forms “garbage patches” which are like islands made of garbage. The most well-known is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch which is said to be two times the size of the state of Texas, or an incredible nearly 618,000 square miles. Thankfully, Cruise Croatia is doing its part to avoid contributing it by eliminating single-use plastics. On its private vessels, there are no plastic water bottles or straws available. Guests don’t have to worry about replacing their old plastic water bottle despite the no single-use plastic policy being implemented. All of our clients are given a luxury aluminum water bottle to use. All plastic toiletry containers have been replaced with biodegradable ones as well. 


Our guests drink filtered water from reusable water bottles

The luxury aluminum water bottles clients are provided with by Cruise Croatia at the start of their Croatia small ship cruise are reusable. All ships in the fleet including water stations with unlimited filtered water available to refill them throughout each trip. One of the main benefits of using a reusable water bottle is that it helps reduce plastic use, which is particularly destructive to the environment. Not only can clients enjoy them for pure drinking water on their cruise, but beyond, encouraging more people to incorporate reusable water bottles into their everyday routine to go even further in protecting the environment, ensuring hundreds or even thousands of plastic water bottles don’t end up in oceans or landfills.


We encourage our guests to avoid littering

The sad reality is that there are trillions of pieces of litter in our Earth’s oceans. Increasing amounts end up here, harming the health of ecosystems and even killing animals that swallow it or become trapped. The health of humans is at risk too as plastics can break down into smaller pieces, subsequently ending up in our food. While most people who join trips with Cruise Croatia wouldn’t dream of throwing trash into the pristine Adriatic Sea or any other body of water, we politely remind our clients how important it is to avoid littering. Instead, we kindly request that trash be placed in the appropriate bin, with recycling bins provided on board our vessels. After all, who would want to spoil the beauty of Croatia and her crystal-clear blue waters?

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