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The Top Croatian Honeymoon Ideas

Croatia is a country in Europe brimming with natural beauty and dramatic landscapes at every twist and turn. There are a plethora of historical cities here, alongside plenty of paradisical islands. With this in mind, it comes as no surprise that so many choose Croatia for a romantic honeymoon.

The country has sweeping coastlines, pristine beaches, picturesque towns and beautiful attractions. No matter what kind of honeymoon you are looking for, there is something for all in Croatia. Its pleasant Mediterranean climate also makes it a great place to go for those hoping to get outdoors and active. With some of the most beautiful national parks in the world, alongside towering peaks, there are many adventures to be had.

If you’re planning a romantic getaway in Croatia, you’re likely wondering what to do whilst visiting. Luckily for you, we have all the information you need so that you can visit this beautiful country with all of this in mind. Keep reading to learn more about this exceptional part of Europe, alongside what to do whilst staying here.

Best Time to Visit Croatia for Honeymoon

Clifftop bar, Dubrovnik
Lopud, Croatia

Before deciding on what to do in Croatia, it is first best to assess the best time to visit. The country enjoys hot, sunny summers and mild winters, making it great for a range of activities and travel itineraries.

The best time to visit Croatia for a sunny honeymoon is between May and June. With low average temperatures of 17°C and highs of around 25°C, this allows for an excellent period to enjoy all that the country’s great outdoors has to offer. Another thing to note is that most tourists tend to go to Croatia around July and August, so this is the perfect time to visit if you’re hoping to escape the crowds!

For those hoping to enjoy Croatia in cooler weather, a trip here between September and October is ideal. The temperatures range from 18-24°C during this time, with slightly cooler evenings. There are very few tourists visiting in these months, so it’s perfect for those looking to enjoy their honeymoon in seclusion. You can wander the sites, explore the national parks or lounge on the beach, all whilst soaking up the stunning scenery and lovely atmosphere.

No matter what time of year you choose to visit Croatia, you will find somewhere brimming with incredible attractions and plenty to do. The country also has a great mix of busy and quieter spots, so you can be in the midst of it all and then enjoy some time together in seclusion.

Uncover History in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik City Walls
Dubrovnik Walls

A trip to Dubrovnik won’t disappoint. The city is one of the most frequented places in Croatia, and for good reason. There is so much to see and do here, you will find yourself needing more time just to experience it all.

From historic walls to stunning architecture, Dubrovnik provides a truly romantic setting for honeymooners. Spend some time strolling through the Old Town whilst taking in the history of the city walls. You can then grab a bite to eat in one of the mouth-watering restaurants in Dubrovnik, providing the perfect place to rest after a day of exploring.

Dubrovnik’s location is also ideal, as there is access to many other Croatian Islands from here. With regular boat trips available, you can fill your days hopping around the many isles whilst taking in the beautiful coastal scenery.

Some of the most popular islands to visit are Mljet and Korcula. Here you will find natural beauty in abundance. With lush greenery, golden coves and turquoise waters, nothing quite says romance like a trip to a Croatian Isle.

Relax on a Luxury Cruise of the Dalmatian Coast

Dalmatian Islands Yacht Tour
Table setting overlooking Dalmatian Sea

No honeymoon in Croatia is complete without partaking in a cruise along the Dalmation Coast. This is one of the best ways to see all that this stunning country has to offer, all whilst stopping off at some of the best sightseeing spots.

These ships usually set sail from Split and make their way to Dubrovnik. Along the way, expect to enjoy peaceful sandy beaches, hold hands as you snorkel in crystal clear waters, and chat whilst indulging in excellent cuisine. There is so much to do whilst cruising in Croatia, it makes sense why it attracts so many honeymooners.

We would recommend choosing a small ship when deciding to cruise in Croatia. These hold fewer passengers and create a more intimate environment. As your trip is all about romance, it makes sense that you would want to enjoy the top sites along the journey without busy crowds.

Go on an Island Hopping Adventure

Croatia Island Hopping Cruises
Zlatni Rat Beach, Brac

Much like cruising the Dalmatian Coast, an island-hopping adventure is something that should certainly be on your Croatia honeymoon itinerary. This is the perfect way to see all of the country’s favoured isles in one trip.

Sail along the Adriatic and take in the magnificent surrounding scenery. With turquoise waters, sandy coves and rugged cliff edges at every turn, it provides passengers with an utterly romantic experience.

Stop off at some of Croatia’s best islands, here you will find untouched beaches and complete peace and seclusion. Explore historical towns, wander along the stunning coast, or simply lounge on the beach with your partner. Whatever way you choose to spend your time, it will not be wasted when island hopping around the country.

Explore the Capital City of Zagreb

Zagreb houses mobile banner

For those looking for plenty to do when on their honeymoon, a trip to Zagreb will do the trick. It is the largest city in Croatia and is also the capital, meaning you will find sightseeing and activities in abundance here.

Not only does Zagreb have much to offer in terms of tourism, but the city itself is also breathtaking. The Austro-Hungarian architecture litters the city and with a plethora of historical sites, you will find yourself spending hours wandering the pretty streets.

There are also bars, restaurants and cafes throughout Zagreb, providing an excellent place to indulge in some Croatian cuisine. Check out the city’s art scene and stroll through the many museums and galleries. This fascinating part of Croatia has so much to offer and its picturesque centre oozes with romance, making it the ideal place to spend some time together whilst exploring an authentic part of the country.

Enjoy the Tranquillity of Hvar Town

Hvar Town
Old Town, Hvar, Croatia

For a luxury honeymoon in Croatia, be sure to check out Hvar Town. Situated on the stunning island of Hvar, the town has much to offer in terms of romance. With medieval architecture throughout and intriguing historical sites at every twist and turn, there is something for all types of honeymooners here.

The island is brimming with orchards, vineyards, turquoise waters and sandy coves, making it a haven for those on their honeymoon. After you have spent some time seeing all that the town has to offer, try out the wineries on the island, or lounge on secluded beaches together.

There are also some excellent eateries in Hvar Town, providing the perfect place to enjoy a romantic meal with your loved one. Stroll through the quaint streets on a warm balmy evening, all whilst taking in the beautiful atmosphere that surrounds Hvar.

Embrace the Romance of Rovinj

Sunset in Rovinj

One of the best places in Croatia for a honeymoon is undoubtedly Rovinj. The city is renowned for its romance and calming aura. Its charming, colourful buildings and idyllic cobbled streets make it the perfect place to spend some time with your partner.

Soak up the beautiful architecture or sit by the waterfront in one of the many romantic eateries. Rovinj is situated on the coast, providing stunning seaside vistas, so you can stroll hand in hand along the harbour as you immerse yourself in all that this lovely city has to offer.

Soak up the Beauty of the National Parks

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia
Krka National Park waterfalls

Croatia isn’t just beaches and islands, there are also 8 national parks and 11 nature parks scattered throughout the country. With lush greenery, cascading waterfalls, turquoise waters and natural beauty in abundance, you can enjoy a perfect romantic getaway when visiting here.

Visit the renowned Plitvice Lakes National Park with its crystal clear water and network of walking trails, which provide the perfect spot to enjoy stunning viewpoints. For those who prefer mighty mountains and rugged scenery, a trip to the Northern Velebit National Park will do the trick. The area covers 109 km squared of the northern section of the Velebit mountains and provides a place brimming with towering peaks and dramatic landscapes.

For a truly romantic experience, check out Krka National Park. Situated along the Krka River, the park comprises 7 stunning waterfalls, neverending greenery and complete tranquillity. This national park is one of the most intriguing places with vast nature and exciting history. Visit the Franciscan Monastery that dates back to the 15th century, or simply spend your time soaking up the outstanding landscapes around Krka.

With so many parks to choose from, you will find yourself spoilt for choice! Whether you’re seeking stunning natural surroundings, rugged towering mountains, or intriguing ancient ruins, you will find something for all when visiting Croatia’s national parks.

Walk along Croatia’s Coastline

Makarska coastline, Croatia
Stiniva Beach, Vis, Croatia

When looking for a honeymoon in Croatia, the stunning coastline is a huge draw for many. The country’s mainland spans around 1,777km along the Adriatic Sea, meaning there is plenty of space to explore. When venturing to the islands, you can discover a further 4,058km of coastline. You will find so many things to do and see along Croatia’s coast, alongside a place brimming with stunning vistas and endless natural beauty, making it the ideal destination to enjoy some time with your loved one.

Not only will you find natural wonders in abundance along Croatia’s coast, but there are also many historical sites to uncover. Wander the ancient town of Dubrovnik, stroll through the stunning streets of Split or soak up all that the capital has to offer in Zagreb. Wherever you decide to go, Croatia’s coastline offers places brimming with exceptional seaside views and plenty of exciting things to see.


We hope that after reading this post, you are now better informed about the best honeymoon destinations in Croatia. A country brimming with fascinating sights, intriguing history, incredible landscapes and an impressive coastline, you can discover multiple romantic spots to enjoy with your partner. Relax on secluded beaches, stroll through quaint towns and cities, or take in the magnificent views from the towering peaks. However you spend your time here, Croatia will provide you with the ultimate honeymoon experience.

If you’re planning a romantic getaway to Croatia, you’re likely in need of accommodation for your visit. Cruise Croatia has a stunning range of luxury small ships providing the perfect place to make the most out of your honeymoon. The cruises visit many of the top sights in the country, allowing visitors to stop off at cities, islands, national parks and much more. With your accommodation and food sorted, all you have to worry about is enjoying your time seeing all that stunning Croatia has to offer!

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