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The 11 Most Beautiful Beaches in Pula, Croatia

Pula is situated on the stunning Istrian Peninsula in the beautiful country of Croatia. This city is the largest in the Istria region and attracts many tourists each year. With its dramatic landscapes, breathtaking coastal scenery and lots to see and do, it comes as no surprise that so many choose Pula for a relaxing getaway.

One of the many draws to the city is the beaches in Pula. Made up of turquoise waters and gorgeous golden sands, the region’s coastline is somewhere worth visiting. Whether you’re looking to play and spend time with family or would prefer a secluded cove to relax with your partner, there are plenty of sandy shores to choose from.

If you’re planning a trip to Pula and searching for the best beaches in the area, we’ve got you covered! Keep reading to learn more about this lovely part of Croatia, alongside the top coastal spots and what to do whilst visiting.

Ambrela Beach

To kick start our list of the best beaches in Pula, the renowned Ambrela had to be mentioned first! This is undoubtedly one of the most popular beaches in Croatia and for good reason. The lovely pebble shore and crystal clear waters have been awarded a Blue Flag each year.

Ambrela is also one of the best beaches in Croatia for families. Here you will find great amenities such as showers, changing facilities and an excellent cafe to grab a bite to eat nearby. Visitors can also rent sunbeds and umbrellas from Ambrela, so you don’t have to worry about packing a beach bag!

With shallow waters and calm swells, Ambrela is great for a range of swimming abilities – another reason why it is also ideal for families. With so much to see and do here, you will find yourself needing more time just to soak up all that this lovely beach has to offer.

For those staying in Pula city, Ambrela is also relatively easy to reach. Take the bus from Pula to Verudela, from here it is just a short walk down the road to the beach, perfect for those not wanting to wander too far.

Pjescana Uvala

Pjescana Uvala
Pjescana Uvala

One of the best beaches in Pula is Pjescana Uvala, and with so much to do here, it comes as no surprise why. If you’re seeking a vibrant atmosphere, excellent entertainment, picturesque coastal vistas and calm waters, Pjescana is the place to be.

The beautiful pebble shore at Pjescana provides the ideal spot for those hoping to relax and unwind. With shallow waters and great paddling areas, kids are also able to take a dip in the lovely waters here. It is important to bear in mind that shade is limited, so it’s best to bring an umbrella, especially for those visiting in the warmer months.

Situated in the heart of this lovely neighbourhood, visitors will discover some great things to do around Pjescana Uvala. Whether you’re hoping to spend your day relaxing on the beach or would prefer to stroll through this lovely part of Pula, there is something for all here.

Saccorgiana Beach

Saccorgiana Beach is another great bay to visit with family. The calm waters and beautiful surroundings make for a relaxing day out in Pula. Sit back and unwind whilst the kids play, or take a dip in the warm waters that shimmer in lovely shades of green and blue.

This is also a fantastic beach for those looking for plenty to do nearby. Visit the beach bar on Saccorgiana where guests can take in the lovely coastal views, cocktail in hand! The bar is an excellent spot to enjoy some time with friends, as it offers a great evening atmosphere for those hoping to spend more time at the beach.

For anyone visiting Saccorgiana with the little ones, there is also a playground near the shore. This provides the perfect place to keep the kids entertained, all whilst spending the whole day by the gorgeous seaside in Pula.

Valkane Beach

Valkane Beach

For city lovers, Valkane Beach allows visitors to spend some time on the sandy shores without having to go too far. Situated just 1.5 miles from the centre of Pula, this beautiful shoreline provides an ideal spot to escape the hustle and bustle.

There are also plenty of excellent amenities at Valkane with some tasty restaurants and bars nearby. You will find ample parking, toilets, and some exciting watersport activities here. With all this just a short distance from the city, visitors can spend their whole day at the beach and then head back to Pula for an evening in the metropolis.

Valkane is also one of the few sandy beaches in Croatia, meaning the area can get quite busy in summer. With this in mind, it’s best to plan your trip here to ensure you get a good spot and avoid the seasonal crowds.

Stoja Beach

For adventure seekers or anyone pursuing an exciting trip to the seaside, Stoja is the place to be. This beautiful spot is made up of rugged cliff edges that create narrow passages into the sea. There isn’t much of a beach here or a place to sit and relax like many of the other shores in Pula, but there is still plenty to do and see.

Take in the incredible rock formations and surrounding natural beauty at Stoja Beach, or try out some cliff jumping and kayaking whilst visiting. This is the ideal place to go for those wanting to spend some time by the coast, all whilst making the most of the great activities nearby.

Banjole Beach

Banjole Beach
Banjole Beach

Banjole Beach is another excellent place for families visiting Croatia. The sloping pebble shoreline provides a great place for kids to paddle, plus with a range of mouthwatering restaurants and cafes nearby, you don’t have to wander far to grab a bite to eat.

Not only does Banjole display stunning coastal views, with lush trees lining the shore and shimmering turquoise waters, but there are also some excellent facilities here. There are showers and toilets available, providing a convenient place for families and other beachgoers.

This lovely beach is only 4.5 miles from the city centre of Pula, making Banjole a convenient place to visit for those staying in the city. Whether you’re hoping to relax and unwind away from the tourist crowds, or seeking somewhere for the kids to play, Banjole Beach is a great spot that caters for all.

Hawaii Beach

True to its name, Hawaii Beach resembles a beautiful tropical paradise – the perfect place to soak up Croatia’s magnificent coastline. This lovely shore is located close to Pula, making it easy to reach. However, its position near the city does mean it gets quite crowded here, so it’s best to plan your trip ahead of time to ensure you get a good spot!

Hawaii Beach is hidden between rocks, creating a truly magnificent place to spend the day in Croatia. Be sure to check out the lovely promenade, alongside the excellent facilities. Here you will find showers and changing amenities, allowing for a great place for the whole family to visit.

Cyclone Beach

Cyclone Beach
Cyclone Beach

If you’re seeking complete serenity whilst visiting Pula, a trip to Cyclone Beach will do the trick. This lovely little cove is mainly used by locals, so you won’t find the busy crowds that many of the other popular beaches attract.

The quiet location means that there aren’t any facilities at Cyclone, the ideal place to simply soak up the surrounding natural beauty, without any added tourist attractions. It is also relatively easy to access, just hop on the bus from the city centre to Stoja. Upon arrival, stroll along the coastline until you reach the steps that will lead you to Cyclone Beach.

With fewer surrounding attractions, and a much quieter atmosphere, Cyclone provides the perfect place to enjoy one of Croatia’s secluded coves. This allows visitors to experience the country’s stunning nature and exceptional coastal position.

Valsaline Beach

In contrast to Stoja, Valsaline Beach is the place to go for those hoping for utter tranquillity and relaxation. This lovely stretch of pebbled coastline is just 1.8 miles from Pula, creating an ideal location for those hoping to escape the lively city centre.

With crystal clear waters and exceptional views out to sea, this provides the ideal spot for those seeking one of the best secluded beaches in Croatia. There are also some excellent facilities such as washrooms and a lovely beach bar nearby, meaning you don’t have to worry about packing snacks whilst visiting here.

There are also some excellent activities to enjoy at Valsaline Beach. Visitors can snorkel and dive through the water, or simply stroll along the pretty boardwalk. However you choose to spend your time at Valsaline, you’ll be impressed by the neverending beauty and calming atmosphere.

Gortanova Uvala

Gortanova Uvala
Gortanova Uvala

Gortanova Uvala is another of Pula’s most frequented city beaches. Its convenient location makes it popular among tourists, as there are plenty of things to do within walking distance. The cove itself is made up of pebbles, with a small sandy beach in the middle of the shore.

Much like many of the other beaches in Pula, Gortanova Uvala also has pleasant calm waters that shimmer under the sun in different shades of blue and green. This is a great spot to soak up much of the city’s stunning scenery, alongside an excellent place for those looking to explore more of the area.

Stroll along the beautiful promenade at Gortanova Uvala and take in the lush forest that encompasses the shoreline. If you happen to be visiting here with your family, there are also some great facilities nearby. With changing rooms and showers available, you can visit here with everything you need for a day at the beach.

Histria Beach

With clear waters, a beautiful pebbled shoreline and exceptional coastal vistas, a trip to Histria Beach is certainly worth it. This lovely spot is fantastic for anyone hoping to snorkel and swim, alongside many opportunities to catch a glimpse of the wonderful marine life here.

There are also some excellent amenities at Histria during the busier tourist season. Here you will find a great beach bar, alongside sunbeds and parasols available for hire. This allows for the perfect place to spend the day with the family, with all your beach essentials nearby.

For adventure seekers, be sure to check out the many watersport activities on offer at Histria Beach. Try out kayaking or paddle boarding, the perfect way to experience more of Croatia’s beautiful coastline!

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