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Croatia’s Coastal Kitchen

Fresh, local flavors inspired by the land and sea

As you travel with us on one of our small ship cruises, you won’t only experience Croatia’s spectacular coastline but will also have the opportunity of tasting it too. When dining aboard our vessels, you will savor authentic Croatian and Mediterranean flavors that include everything from freshly caught seafood to locally grown vegetables.


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Onboard Dining

Each of our ships have an intimate dining room and bar where both breakfast and lunch are served daily, as well as a Captain’s Dinner which features live entertainment. In addition to this, some of our sailing routes also include an onboard Welcome Dinner. Food on our ships is varied day by day, with a full buffet-style continental breakfast and hot dishes served in the morning. For lunch, there will be a selection of seafood, meat, pasta, and salad dishes to choose from, each inspired by the region. You will be introduced to a wealth of traditional Croatian dishes throughout your cruise alongside a wine list that is comprised of local Croatian wines.

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Our Chefs

No two voyages are the same, and for good reason. Each crew provides a personalized culinary touch to every cruise, whether it be supplying their family-produced olive oil on board or homegrown fruits that could include everything from oranges to strawberries. All meals provided on board are prepared and delivered to the highest standards, championing Croatian cuisine and local producers.

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Onshore Dining

One of the many benefits of cruising with us in Croatia is that there are no long periods at sea. Each night will be spent at a different port, allowing you to immerse yourself in the local culture and dine at local restaurants. We will provide you with a restaurant guide prior to your departure for you to peruse at leisure or make prior reservations. Some of our cruises include an island village dinner in which you will experience traditional cooking methods and sample exquisite local dishes.

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Croatian Cuisine

Croatian cuisine offers a rich fusion of flavors and dishes, reflecting its diverse cultural heritage and culinary traditions. Whilst it garners influences from across the Mediterranean, its cuisine is distinctly Croatian, focusing on fresh, local ingredients and traditional culinary methods. With a vast selection of aromatic dishes that symbolize the coastline’s food culture, it is the exceptional produce used in Croatian cooking that truly speaks for itself, with the ethos here about exemplifying the flavors of the local ingredients.

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