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Why You Will Love A Small Ship Croatia Cruise

Unlike the huge ocean liners that carry thousands of passengers, a small ship Croatia cruise invites an intimate number of like-minded people to come on board, and to explore stunning cities and idyllic island locations.

Diocletians Palace
Peka dish

The biggest appeal of cruising is undoubtedly being able to visit a selection of destinations on a single holiday. If you’re curious to discover the history and culture of one of Eastern Europe’s most popular destinations, a small ship Croatia cruise is the ultimate way to go.

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Discover beautiful UNESCO listed cities

For a small country, Croatia has an abundance of UNESCO World Heritage sites. Of the 10 national heritage sites, two are cities. The Old City of Dubrovnik was a maritime trade centre in the 15th and 16th centuries, and is affectionately known as ‘the Pearl of the Adriatic’. Historic highlights include the imposing, medieval city walls, and Baroque, Gothic and Renaissance architecture, palaces, churches and monasteries.

The Historical Complex of Split is a spectacular 38,500sq-km open-air museum that includes the iconic, white stone Diocletian’s Palace, and its stunning collection of courtyards, underground cellars, and 200 buildings. There is also a cathedral located within the labyrinth of the 4th century Roman archaeological monument.

Sample delicious local cuisine

Having been influenced by the tastes, traditions and culture of the various nations that have previously ruled Croatia, the traditional food of the country is deliciously diverse. Visiting a variety of beautiful cities and islands, on a small ship Croatia cruise, allows you to enjoy a feast of local cuisine and to sample classic regional dishes.

Dalmatian food is inspired by the Mediterranean, and typically features fish and seasonings. On the Istrian coast, hand-rolled pasta dishes and hearty stews are on the menu. Peka – meat, seafood or veggies baked under a bell-like lid, is a popular speciality you must try. Fresh fish and seafood is also in plentiful supply.

Socialising onboard

Meet some interesting like-minded people

A small ship Croatia cruise typically accommodates 30-40 guests. Your fellow travellers have chosen to visit beautiful Croatia for similar reasons to you. They probably share your love of travel, of trying new things, and of enjoying an immersive experience. You’ll have an opportunity to mix and mingle at the Welcome reception, and to get to know each other on the exciting guided tours, optional excursions and day-trips. By the end of your cruise, don’t be surprised to find that you’ve established new friendships.

Get right into the heart of the destination

When you cruise in Croatia, on a small ship, you will be given a well planned itinerary that features a variety of traditional sightseeing and experiential activities that get you right into the heart of the destination. As you soak up the atmosphere in a historic city, our English speaking guide will share interesting facts, legendary tales and local knowledge, to give you real insight.

On excursions to charming towns and villages, you’ll have an opportunity to get involved in activities that give you a taste of authentic Croatia life. To really feel like a native, shop in the colourful markets, and dine in the cosy restaurants where the locals go. As a small ship can reach island destinations that big ships can’t access, you’ll get to experience the heart of Croatia in every location.

Seafood restaurant

Swim or snorkel off the back of the ship in crystal clear water

The shimmering azure Adriatic Sea stretches along the Croatian coastline encircles the beautiful archipelago islands. Widely considered to be ‘the most beautiful sea in the world’, it’s glass-like crystal clarity, calmness and Mediterranean temperature makes it highly inviting.

On scheduled swim stops in tranquil and secluded bays and coves, you can dive right in from the swimming platform located at the rear of the ship. The platform’s ladders provide direct access to the pristine open water. You can also snorkel.

Spend your evenings eating alfresco in charming seafront restaurants

Whilst a freshly prepared breakfast and half board gourmet meals are included, a small ship Croatia cruise also gives you the freedom to dine out in local restaurants. Being a coastal resort, Croatia has access to amazing fresh fish and seafood that is typically served alfresco in a charming seafront restaurant.

You may need to reserve a table in the most popular restaurants, but dining in spectacular surroundings is an experience you won’t want to miss. Order the dish of the day and enjoy a glass of the local wine, as you admire the breathtaking sunset over the ocean.

Croatia Vineyard
Vela Luka, Korcula

Sample some local wines in Korcula or fresh oysters in Ston

Croatia wines are growing in popularity. With 64 distinct grape types, over 800 wineries and almost 20.000 registered wine makers in the country, how could you not sample the local wines? On a wine tasting tour of a family-run Korcula winery, you can sample a selection of robust reds and refreshing whites, and learn how to pair wine with food.

On an excursion to an oyster farm, in the medieval town of Ston, you can sample delicious oysters straight from the sea.

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Be adventurous and go on a buggy safari in Korcula

If you’re a thrill seeker or an adrenaline junkie, there are plenty of exciting and exhilarating experiences for you to enjoy on a small ship Croatia cruise. Go off road on a buggy safari in Korcula, and explore the stunning countryside as you ride through forests, olive groves and vineyards, in a 2-seater. All you need to bring along is your driving license, sunglasses and sun cream.

Cabin on board

Cycle around a beautiful national park in Mljet

If you prefer to explore at a more leisurely pace, the marked trails that surround the inland lakes of the magnificent Mljet National Park are perfect for a cycling adventure. You can hire a bike at the park and navigate your way around the 9km full circle of the large lake.

Feel like you are a VIP in a cabin with your own private balcony

A small ship Croatia cruise is a VIP experience for every guest. Your accommodation is spacious, comfortable and air-conditioned, with an en suite bathroom and a host of the latest amenities available. Some cabins also have a private balcony with rolling ocean views.

You can find more photos and information about the amenities onboard our cruise ships here.

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Discover the allure of small ship cruises that outshine massive ocean liners in every aspect. With small ship cruises, you’re not just a passenger; you’re an explorer. Experience the freedom to effortlessly hop on and off at Croatia’s best destinations and hidden gems, immersing yourself in the heart of coastal charm. Unlike their colossal counterparts, small ships navigate secluded coves, unlocking Croatia’s intimate corners that larger vessels simply cannot access. This personalized voyage grants you a genuine connection to each port, fostering authentic experiences and a profound appreciation for the country’s rich cultural tapestry and natural beauty.

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