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Korcula’s Olive Trees

Croatia’s sixth largest island is well known for its stunning forests, captivating scenery, and charming little towns and villages. The island of Korčula is also the producer of superior quality, golden and fruity olive oil.

Olive tree, Korcula

The Olive Trees Of Korčula

On Korčula Island there are several varieties of olive trees, including some that are over 200 years old. To make this golden elixir that is rich in flavor and full of healthy polyphenols, you must pick the olives from the indigenous Drobnica and Lastovka variety of olive trees. These are considered to be the best. Many of the olive trees in Korčula are planted on traditional old stone terraces that were originally built for grape vines. The terraces are designed to offer superior weather protection and excellent irrigation for the trees.

Every type of olive tree has its own optimal time for harvesting. Some olive trees must be harvested in a short time, while other trees enjoy a longer harvest period. Harvesting from October until around mid-November is standard practice in Korčula. When the green olives start to turn black, it’s time to get picking!

Protected Designation of Origin

Korčula’s olive trees are harvested for both commercial producers and local families that have been making their own olive oil for generations. Due to the high standards of practice and quality, the olive oil that is produced on the island has received the EU Protected Designation of Origin in recognition.

korcula town
Olive oil

Traditional Harvesting Methods

All of the olives that are grown in Korčula are picked by hand at harvest time. Large sheets of plastic are spread out on the ground and the olives are then picked individually or gently shaken from the trees using a special device. The olives are sorted and transported to the local mill for pressing.

Located all over Korčula there are a number of communal presses where local residents can go to make their own olive oil. To make the best supply of Korčula’s most prized product it’s essential to press the olives on the same day that they are picked from the trees.

The Cold Press Process

The ripe olives are washed before pressing. Using the traditional cold press method, liquid is separated from the paste, and water is extracted from the oil. This ensures that the temperature of the entire production process is maintained at a precise level throughout. Olive oils that are cold pressed boast a richer flavor. To create a flavorsome blend, some of Korčula’s premium olive oils are infused with basil, lemon or truffle.

Olive oil mill, Korcula

Sampling & Buying

For a taste of authentic Croatia, join an olive oil tasting tour. You’ll have an opportunity to learn all about the oil making processes on the island of Korčula, and can sample a variety of golden elixir goodies too.

The best way to experience Korucla olive oil is by visiting a family-run olive oil mill. Our Croatia experts can help you organize the best and most authentic experience whilst you are on the island. See the process from start to finish, and most importantly taste the delicious wares on offer.
You’ll also find a variety of local vendors on the streets near the harbor.

Looking to visit Korčula and it’s stunning archipelago? Our luxury Croatia cruise ships have an overnight stop on the island. Our cruises take place on small cruise ships with a maximum capacity of just 40 guests. Take a look at our Croatia cruises here.


In summary, incorporating centuries of tradition and a rich Mediterranean heritage, Korcula olive oil stands as a testament to the region’s dedication to quality and flavor. A true culinary treasure, this olive oil offers a symphony of taste notes that reflect the island’s unique terroir. With its smooth texture and distinctive aroma, Korcula olive oil enhances dishes in ways beyond imagination. By adding a touch of history and authenticity to every meal, trying Korcula olive oil isn’t just a culinary choice; it’s an immersion into the heart of this remarkable island. Elevate your dishes and embrace the essence of Korcula with every delectable drop. Visit Korcula on one of our incredible Croatia Cruises and truly immerse yourself in a country steeped in history and tradition.

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