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Where to stay in Slovenia

Slovenia is a small country in central Europe, known for its picturesque natural beauty, breathi-taking mountains, ski resorts and charming medieval cities and towns. Slovenia is easily accessible and combining it with a Croatia cruise or itinerary is very doable and popular. The country has some iconic destinations and sights to enjoy, like Lake Bled and Ljubljana, but there are other options of where to stay in Slovenia which we have included here.

Lake Bled


Situated in the north west of Slovenia is Bled and Lake Bled. Because of its natural beauty and relaxed atmosphere, this is arguably the most iconic destination in the country. Although you can reach Bled from the capital Ljubljana, it is definitely worth staying a couple of days here as it has so much to offer as its own destination.

Things to do around Bled include visiting the glistening waters of Lake Bled, visiting Bled Castle and walking and hiking around the lake and surroundings. The pace of life is much slower to, for example Ljubljana, or other cities in Europe. Bled offers a slower pace of life, enjoying scenic walks, visiting historical sites and relaxing in the European summer sun.



Like most countries, the capital city of Ljubljana is a central destination for trips to Slovenia. With its international airport, good accessibility and a large variety of hotels and accommodation, it makes Ljubljana one of the most popular places to stay in the country. The city is worth spending a few days exploring: potter in and out of independent shops and craft stores, eat at independent trendy bars or family-run restaurants, and people watch from alfresco cafes.

There are several neighbourhoods in Ljubljana. The Old Town is the most convenient places to stay as it is the hub to most of the sightseeing architecture and museums in the capital. The Old Town is also very charming itself, with cobbled alleyways which homes a local feel to it, even though most of the people wandering the streets are tourists!

If you are looking for a taste of authenticity and local living, then neighbourhoods like Krakovo and Trnovo are good options to stay in. They are smaller suburbs which are home to independent hotels, charming cafes and up-and-coming bars with good night scenes. These neighbourhoods are much smaller but you will certainly get a feel for what it’s like to live locally in Ljubljana.

Soca Valley

Soca Valley

Located in the western region of Slovenia, the Soca Valley is on the border of Italy, and certainly worth visiting if you are looking for a memorable stay outside of the city. The Soca Valley is home to a wealth of gorges, valleys, waterfalls, rivers and rapids – perfect for journeying through. For active or adrenaline-fueled travelers, the Soca Valley is a great place for hiking, swimming and kayaking down the rivers.

There are intimate villages and towns situated in the Soca Valley which you can easily stopover in. These include Bovec, Vipava Valley, Nova Gorica and Kobarid. Each place tells its own story and has its own charm. Kobarid was a destination where Napoleon’s troops once marched through, Bovec is home to the highest waterfall in the country… the list goes on.

Piran slovenia

Karst & Coast

Located in the south-western region of Croatia is an area called Karst. Although this is not as visited as other regions in Slovenia, Karst is known for charming harbour town named Piran, and its vibrant-green forests that make up the area. These forests are home to white Lipizzaner horses which are a beautiful breed of horse, known for their strong structure and white coat. Piran is a coastal city located on the south-western tip of Croatia which is identified by its terracotta roof tiles (similar to Croatian cities), and its Venetian Gothic architecture. With the Adriatic Sea on its border, Piran features some beautiful seafood restaurants, cafes and bars to enjoy during your stay.

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