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5 Things to do in Korcula

Despite the island of Korčula being fairly small in size, it boasts a number of interesting activities for all visitors to enjoy. From visiting local wineries, touring the historical landmarks and admiring stunning views, it would be hard for anyone not to fall in love with this beautiful island. Read our travel guide to find out the five top things we recommend you do when visiting Korčula.

Explore the Old Town

Korcula Old Town
Korcula Old Town

The main attraction on the island of Korčula is the Old Town, also known as ‘mini Dubrovnik’. The Old Town is encircled by a medieval wall with an impressive gate at the front and plenty of restaurants, shops and cafes to explore inside. It is also the perfect place to admire the impressive Gothic and Renaissance style buildings and capture some Instagram worthy photos of the beautiful cobbled streets and sea views. Interestingly, the side streets branch off from the main street running down the centre of the Old Town, a similar structure to a fish bone. This layout has been cleverly designed to reduce the effects of the strong winds and sun and provide more shelter for its visitors.

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Learn about Marco Polo

Learn about Marco Polo, Korcula
Learn about Marco Polo, Korcula

Did you know that the famous explorer, Marco Polo, was born on the small island of Korčula? Marco Polo was a medieval Venetian merchant, writer, traveller and explorer, who was the first explorer to record his travels. The exact date and location of where Marco Polo was born is still not certain, with some historians claiming he was born in Venice and others suggesting he was born on the island of Korčula. You can join a private guided tour of the island and learn about the history or Marco Polo and his life. The house where Marco Polo was allegedly born, remains in Korčula and is open for tourists to visit for a small fee. Or you can visit the many Marco Polo gift shops located throughout the town.

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Climb to the top of St. Mark’s Cathedral

St. Mark's Cathedral, Korcula
Korcula view from St. Mark's Cathedral

This Gothic and Renaissances style church was built in the 15th Century and is arguably the most famous building in Korčula town. The cathedral has intricate carvings and decorations outside, including two famous statues of Adam and Eve. Inside, you will find two paintings by the Italian artists Tintoretto and a bronze statue created by the well-known Croatian sculptor, Ivan Meštrović. St. Mark’s cathedral is built on the highest point in the Old Town and provides impressive views from the top. Visitors can climb the long, spiral staircase up to the bell tower and enjoy 360° views of Korčula.

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Enjoy dinner with a view

Restaurants, Korcula

Although the island is small, you may be surprised by the wide selection of restaurants on offer. You will have the opportunity to taste traditional Croatian cuisine, with plenty of fresh seafood options available. You will find some of the most popular restaurants along the seafront, where you can dine on a tasty meal whilst admiring a beautiful Croatian sunset.

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Try local wine

Korcula Winery
Wine tasting

Korčula has a long history of making delicious local wine, with many tours available to take you to multiple vineyards and wineries and where you can taste different wines. Unlike most of Dalmatia, which is known for producing mostly red wines, Korčula is renowned for its white wine. The most popular white wine in Korčula is Grk, which is produced from white grapes called Grk in the small village of Lumbarda. If you are visiting Korčula in July and August, you may be able to catch the many wine festivals held on the island each year – the perfect experience for any wine lover!


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