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Croatia in July

Croatia has long been a popular tourist destination and with its lovely sandy beaches, miles of coastline, great weather and pretty towns and cities, it comes as no surprise why. There is so much to do here throughout the year, you will find activities to suit the whole family. 

For those seeking their next summer break, a trip to Croatia in July is a perfect choice. This is when visitors flock to the country to explore all that it has to offer. Whether you’re desiring mouthwatering cuisine, beautiful places to relax, exciting outdoor adventures and much more, you will find it all here. 

To help with your planning process, we have put everything you need to know about visiting Croatia in July in this article. Below you will find all of our top tips including the weather, sea temperature, best places to go and great things to do. Keep reading and get ready to enjoy a sunny break in this gorgeous part of Europe. 

Weather in Croatia in July

Old town of Ulcinj, Croatia
Opatija Waterfront

One of the most important aspects of any holiday is the weather. This can determine what you do during your trip, alongside the opening and closing times of attractions and outdoor activities. If you’re planning to spend your time exploring all that beautiful Croatia has to offer, then a break here in July is the perfect time to go. 

July is known for being one of the hottest months in Croatia, with maximum temperatures reaching around 30°C. Lower temperatures are known to average around 22°C, so you will discover plenty of opportunities to get out and explore all that Croatia’s natural landscapes have in store. 

With more daylight hours in Croatia in July, you can spend additional time seeing all of the top attractions around the many islands here. This is perfect for those on a shorter break, as you can pack more into one day. 

For travellers hoping to spend much of their trip by the coast, the weather in July provides the ideal weather to lounge on the beach or sunbathe by the pool. It’s important to remember that temperatures can get very high during this time, so be sure to pack plenty of sunscreens!

Adriatic Sea Temperature in Croatia in July

Punta Rata beach, Makarska, Croatia
Hawaii Beach, Pula, Croatia

Another draw to Croatia is the miles of magnificent coastline here. This allows visitors to spend their holiday lounging on the sandy shores or taking long strolls by the sea. If you’re hoping to take a dip in the crystal clear waters, July is a great time to visit Croatia. 

The Adriatic Sea temperatures average around 25°C throughout Croatia in July. This is perfect for those pursuing comfortable temperatures to swim, snorkel, paddleboard or partake in many of the other watersports around the country. 

With so many beautiful beaches to explore, you will be spoilt for choice when seeking the many coves in Croatia. From hidden bays to lively family shores, there is something for all when deciding to spend some time by the sea in Croatia in July. 

Best Places to Visit in Croatia in July


After you have spent some time relaxing along the pristine shores, you may find yourself looking for the best places to visit in Croatia in July. With so many to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming to select the perfect spot. Luckily enough, we have some of our top recommendations below so that you can plan your trip here without missing a thing! 

Dubrovnik in July

Being one of the most popular spots in Croatia, it comes as no surprise that Dubrovnik is a must-visit destination for those staying in the country in July. The captivating city has everything you could wish for from a trip here. Comprising dazzling coastal vistas, spectacular architecture, history and heritage in abundance and much more, there is something for all in Dubrovnik. 

There are also a ton of amazing things to see in Dubrovnik in July, so you won’t be stuck wondering what to do. Visitors often spend their time strolling through the pretty Old Town, where you will find ancient walls and historic structures at every twist and turn. For those looking to escape the tourist crowds, you can also hop on a cable car from Dubrovnik to Mount Srd, allowing for beautiful dramatic views of the city and surrounding islands. 

With so much to experience, you’re sure to uncover something for the whole family when exploring Dubrovnik in July. Plus, no trip to Croatia would be complete without visiting this ancient metropolis. 

Split in July

Much like Dubrovnik, Split is another of the country’s favoured destinations for tourists. A trip here in July allows visitors to explore all of the top sights, all while enjoying the blue skies and plenty of sunshine. As the sun beams down on the city, the pretty streets are illuminated further, creating a lovely atmosphere for those looking to spend some time here. 

Split also boasts much of Croatia’s historical attractions. Places like Dicoletian’s Palace are particularly popular, allowing visitors to explore ruins that date back to the 4th century AD. Today, the palace has been transformed into homes, restaurants and businesses for tourists to scour. This is a great place to get a true sense of both history and modern living in Croatia. 

There are also many other sightseeing spots worth visiting in Split. These include Fortress Klis, Saint Domnius Cathedral, People’s Square and many more. For those hoping to spend some time relaxing in the city, you will also find several amazing restaurants, cafes and bars – the ideal place to simply sit back and take in your beautiful surroundings. 

Korcula Town in July

Planning on doing some island hopping in Croatia? With hundreds to choose from, you’ll find somewhere for a range of ages and interests. However, a must-visit isle in Croatia is undoubtedly Korcula. Here you will find a plethora of natural beauty, dramatic landscapes, untouched beaches and much more. 

Korcula Old Town also provides visitors with a true sense of Croatian culture. With its rustic charm and old buildings, alongside the lovely beaches and mediaeval square, it makes sense as to why so many choose here when visiting Croatia in July. 

No matter how you decide to spend your time on Korcula, you’re sure to find something here for the whole family. This is one of the lovely islands across the country that should certainly be on your list when planning a trip here in July. 

There are many more places to visit in Croatia. Other popular spots include Pula, Hvar Island, Zlatni Rat Beach on Brac, Zagreb and many more. No matter where you decide to go, you’ll find towns and cities brimming with attractions and activities for all.

Best Things to Do in Croatia in July

Yacht off Rab island, Croatia
Zlatni Rat beach, Brac, Croatia

For every incredible place to visit in Croatia in July, you will find some amazing things to do here too. From outdoor adventures to quiet coves to relax and unwind, there are hidden gems at every corner of this wonderful country. Below are some of our top tips for the best things to do during your trip to Croatia in the summer. 

Go Island Hopping 

Croatia is known for being home to more than 1,000 islands, which is why island hopping is so popular for those hoping to investigate more of the country. With so many isles to choose from, you will find yourself spoilt for choice. Plus, the excellent weather that July brings allows visitors to explore these beautiful parts of Croatia in all their glory. 

Some of the most popular islands across the country include Hvar, Korcula, Vis, Pag, Brac, Mljet, Rab, and many more. Each of these places has something unique to offer. From pristine sandy coves to breathtaking national parks and lush greenery, you will find a paradise for all when exploring the Croatian islands. 

The best way to enjoy an island hopping adventure in Croatia in July is by partaking in a cruise. Cruise Croatia has a selection of incredible ships, with varying sizes to suit a range of travellers. These beautiful ships will take you to explore some of the best parts of the country, including the paradisiacal islands surrounding Croatia. 

Lounge on the Beaches

As previously mentioned, Croatia has a plethora of incredible beaches to choose from, alongside over 100 Blue Flag shores. These lovely spots provide the ideal place to relax and unwind, all whilst enjoying the warm sunshine that July brings. 

You will find beautiful coves scattered throughout Croatia, with plenty of peaceful beaches hidden away on the lovely islands. One of the most popular places to enjoy some time by the sea is Zlatni Rat Beach on Brac Island. Its intriguing shape juts out into the water, creating what some call the ‘Golden Horn’. Zlatni Rat is encompassed by lush greenery and dense pine trees, allowing for the ideal area to truly immerse yourself in the breathtaking coastline that Croatia has to offer. 

There are plenty of other beaches across Croatia worth exploring in July. Some of the favoured options include Murvica on Brac, Bacvice in Split, Sahara on Rab Island, Banje in Dubrovnik, plus many more. Whether you’re visiting Croatia in July with family, friends or your partner, there is a sandy shore here for everyone. 

Enjoy a Sailing Adventure

Another prevalent activity to enjoy in Croatia in July is sailing. With lovely weather and warmer temperatures, this makes for the ideal climate to get out on the water. Spend some time sailing around the beautiful islands, or simply head out to sea to sunbathe in utter serenity. 

A sailing trip is one of the best things to do in Croatia in July as it allows visitors to see the country from both land and sea. Plus, the shimmering waters and breathtaking coastlines are not to be missed when planning a trip here in summer. 

Cruise Croatia has a fantastic range of sailing boats to choose from. These luxurious yachts are available to charter, meaning guests can enjoy complete freedom and adventure when looking to sail in Croatia in July.

Crowds and Costs in Croatia in July

Split Harbour, Croatia

July attracts the tourist crowds as there is so much to do in Croatia during this time. You will find that the towns and cities are busier with eager visitors seeking the top sightseeing spots. Prices are also slightly higher, as the lovely weather and many attractions warrant a rise in costs. 

Don’t let this deter you from visiting though, as there is no better time to explore this lovely country than when the sun is shining, the sky is blue, and there are plenty of activities to suit the whole family. A trip to Croatia in July allows tourists to make the most of this exquisite part of Europe, all while keeping its authentic charm. 

Events and Festivals in Croatia in July

Seafood restaurant
Rab, Croatia

Another reason to visit Croatia in July is the several opportunities to enjoy the events and festivities. From dance festivals in Zrce to the cultural Dubrovnik Summer Festival, you will find entertainment for the whole family.

Some of the most popular festivities in Croatia in July include: 

These events allow tourists to experience the unique traditions and cultures in Croatia, all while exploring many of the country’s beautiful towns and cities. You will find plenty of other festivities throughout Croatia’s smaller villages, providing yet another excuse to partake in an adventure here in July. 


Croatia summer

There is something for a range of holiday itineraries in Croatia in July. The country boasts magnificent scenery, dramatic landscapes, stunning coastlines and exceptional sandy shores, creating the perfect setting for a summer holiday. Plus, with plenty of history to uncover in the many cities across the country, you will never find yourself stuck for something to do here. 

One of the best ways to explore Croatia in July is by cruising. With so many islands and cities to scour, there is no better way to do this than by participating in a sailing adventure with Cruise Croatia. Not only can you appreciate a luxurious experience when relaxing on one of the Croatia cruises in July, but you can also plan a trip here without missing any of the top sights throughout the country.

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