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Croatia in June

Croatia is a stunning European country with lots to offer. You can spend your time here exploring the many beautiful islands, lounging on the lovely beaches, exploring fascinating towns and cities or uncovering historical ruins. With so many places to visit, it comes as no surprise that tourists head here all year round. 

June, in particular, is an excellent time to visit Croatia. The weather is warm, with pleasant temperatures and plenty of blue skies and the country is much quieter in comparison to other busier months like July and August. 

If you’re looking to book a trip to Croatia in June, you’re likely planning things to do during your stay. Keep reading to learn more about this wonderful country during this time, alongside our top recommendations for places to go and things to see.

Weather In Croatia In June

Rovinj Sunset
Dubrovnik Sunset

One of the most important things for many of our holidays is the weather. This can affect things like activities, sightseeing and more during your stay. With this in mind, you’ll be pleased to know that Croatia in June presents a great climate for visitors to get out and explore the country. 

Temperatures average around highs of 27°C and lows of 20°C, providing an excellent opportunity to spend your day at the beach or wander the many towns and villages around Croatia. With so many amazing places to explore throughout the country, a trip here in June allows you to see it all, all whilst enjoying the warm sunshine and blue skies.

Adriatic Sea Temperature in Croatia in June

Stiniva Beach, Vis, Croatia
Mljet, Croatia

For beach lovers, another of Croatia’s draws is its beautiful sandy shores. With more than 100 Blue Flag Beaches to choose from, there is a seaside spot for all here. What’s more, the sea temperature during this time is a comfortable 17 – 18°C. 

The Adriatic sea temperatures vary throughout the country with places like Rab, Pula, Lastovo, Sibenik and more all presenting warmer waters. However, you will find when visiting areas like Split, Hvar and Dubrovnik that the water is slightly cooler. 

If you’re hoping to explore the stunning coast in Croatia, but would prefer not to swim, a trip to the many beaches throughout the islands still provides an excellent opportunity to soak up the enchanting seaside vistas.

The Best Places to Visit in Croatia in June

Plitvice Lakes National Park

Croatia is a country brimming with fascinating sights and intriguing hidden treasures. It is home to many impressive cities, all of which have something unique to offer. Below is a little more information on the best places to visit in Croatia in June, this way you can plan your trip here with all of these spots in mind!  

Plitvice Lakes National Park

A must-visit destination in Croatia is undoubtedly Plitvice Lakes National Park. The whole area boasts natural beauty and lovely wildlife, it provides the perfect place for visitors to escape the hustle and bustle. 

Here you will find around 16 lakes and waterfalls that are encompassed by lush greenery. Plitvice is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, ideal for those pursuing the country’s top sightseeing spots.  For explorers and adventurers, you will also discover a plethora of hiking trails throughout the national park – a great way to get active during your break. 

June is an excellent time to visit Plitvice as the fewer crowds mean you can enjoy the beauty here in utter serenity. This is a great place for those seeking more of the country’s wilderness, or anyone looking to get out hiking during their trip. 


Split is one of the most frequented cities in Croatia and for good reason. With some of the country’s top attractions and sightseeing spots here, the area provides plenty of things to do for a range of holiday itineraries in June. 

From the historic Diocletian’s Palace to the beautiful Saint Domnius Cathedral and fascinating Klis Fortress, there are sightings in abundance in Split. If you’re hoping to explore the city at a slower pace, the many bars, restaurants and shops here also provide a great way to scour this part of Croatia during your getaway. 

Whatever you’re looking for from your break to Croatia in June, there is something for everyone when visiting the outstanding city of Split. 


Another of Croatia’s favoured cities is beautiful Dubrovnik. This ancient hub has been attracting visitors for many years, many of which head here to explore the historical sights and marvel over the impressive architecture. 

With the historic city walls to explore, alongside Dubrovnik’s Old Town with its pretty churches and intriguing cathedrals, you will find a great selection of places to wander here. The city is also home to some fantastic eateries and bars, great for those looking to relax during their visit. 

Spend some time strolling through the idyllic streets in Dubrovnik, all whilst learning more about the city’s fascinating history. Plus, with fewer tourists during this time, you can uncover all of the top sights, without having to navigate the crowds. 


A holiday in Croatia wouldn’t be complete without visiting the lovely capital of Zagreb. For those seeking a slightly slower pace, June is an excellent time to explore the city as the bustling metropolis is much quieter during this time. 

Be sure to check out the magnificent Cathedral of Zagreb, and spend hours marvelling over the spectacular architecture, all whilst learning more about the city’s history and heritage. There are also plenty of other historical attractions worth visiting here, places like Lotrscak Tower, St Mark’s Church, Park Maksimir and more should all be on your list. 

This exciting city is home to museums, bars and restaurants, art galleries, live street performances, lush parks and much more. A trip to Zagreb is sure to impress, as the scope of things to do here is neverending. 

Hvar Island 

After you have spent some time checking out the busier spots in Croatia, Hvar should be next on your list. Here you will discover a place brimming with natural beauty, historical ruins, mouthwatering cuisine, vibrant nightlife and much more. The island offers excellent diversity, making it ideal for a range of travellers. 

Spend your time strolling through the pretty streets in Hvar Town where you can take in the spectacular harbour and exceptional Venetian architecture. There are also some great shops, bars and restaurants here, perfect for those seeking a leisurely pace when visiting. 

The island of Hvar is especially great in June as the fantastic weather and fewer tourists complement each other for those seeking a sunny and peaceful break.

The Best Things to do in Croatia in June

Zlatni Rat Beach, Brac

Relax at Zlatni Rat Beach 

If you’re seeking a day relaxing on the sandy shores in Croatia, Zlatni Rat beach is a must-visit spot. This is one of the most frequented seasides in the country. With its beautiful sandy shores, crystal clear waters and surrounding greenery, its popularity comes as no surprise. 

Zlatni Rat Beach is known for being one of the prettiest shores in Croatia, perched on the beautiful island of Brac. Its unique shape that juts out into the sea, is also something else worth checking out. The name also means ‘Golden Horn’ which is what the shore appears like from above. 

A trip to Zlatni Rat in June is perfect for those seeking peaceful days by the coast. Simply sit back and relax whilst enjoying the encompassing natural beauty, all without the busy crowds that summer brings.  

Explore Krka National Park 

Croatia is famous for its dramatic landscapes and beautiful cascading waterfalls. If this sounds like your ideal break, a trip to Krka National Park won’t disappoint. Here you will discover an impressive network of cascades, alongside natural beauty at every twist and turn. 

The park is the ideal place to get out and explore the wildlife in Croatia. There are also many excellent historic sites worth visiting here, alongside some fantastic photo opportunities. With a vast amount of lush greenery, dense forests, shimmering pools of water and much more, a day here will leave you feeling completely rested and rejuvenated. 

A trip to Krka National Park in June is perfect for those seeking a little tranquillity. With fewer visitors during this time, you can navigate the park with ease, all whilst immersing yourself in the peaceful atmosphere surrounding Krka. 

Go Hiking 

Due to Croatia’s neverending natural landscapes and stunning coastal scenery, there are plenty of hiking trails here worth taking advantage of. Whether you’re seeking a gentle stroll by the sea or would prefer to hike into the mountains, there is something for everyone when exploring the country on foot. 

Some of the top places to enjoy a walk in Croatia are Plitvice Lakes National Park, Mount Srd in Dubrovnik, Medvednica Mountain in Zagreb and the Premužić Trail in Velebit. There are many more scattered throughout the country, but the hikes above provide a great place to start. 

Be sure to spend some time researching the different routes throughout Croatia, as there are plenty to choose from. Whether you’re visiting with family, friends or your partner, you will find a stunning trail here to suit a range of hiking abilities. 

Try Local Cuisine 

When spending some time exploring the many fascinating towns and cities throughout Croatia, be sure to indulge in some of the local cuisines during your stay. With a plethora of mouth-watering eateries to choose from, you will find something here for a selection of tastes and preferences. 

Many of the regions and islands throughout Croatia offer their local cuisine. A trip to Pag Island provides the perfect opportunity to try out Pag Cheese, whereas those staying in Istria should certainly experience the Istrian Ham. You will find a great selection of other dishes worth trying here, many of which are served in restaurants scattered around Croatia. 

Snorkel on the Islands

After you have spent some time exploring the land in Croatia, a snorkelling adventure should be next on your list. There are plenty of amazing places around the country worth visiting, many of which are great for those hoping to snorkel. 

Places like Skrivena Luka, Raznjici, Odisej Cave and many more are all great for those pursuing a snorkelling experience. Here you can spend hours exploring the waters in Croatia, a great opportunity for the whole family to have some fun together. There are also snorkel tours across the country, these are perfect for those who prefer to scour the waters with the safety of an experienced guide. 

No matter how you choose to snorkel in Croatia, this is a true bucket list activity and one that shouldn’t be missed when visiting here in June.

Events in Croatia in June

Rab, Croatia
Hvar old town

Croatia is a lively country, rich in culture and traditions. With this in mind, there are plenty of excellent events and festivities that take place here throughout the year. For those planning their trip in June, be sure to spend some time immersing yourself in the celebrations throughout the many towns and cities.  

International Children Festival 

The International Children Festival takes place in the beautiful town of Sibenik and spans over 3 weeks. During this time kids can partake in craft workshops and enjoy a variety of entertainment. With music and dance shows, movie screenings, puppet shows and more, a trip here in June is sure to provide hours and entertainment for the whole family. 

Design District 

Design District takes place in June in the capital city of Zagreb. This exciting event brings different neighbourhoods together to partake in cultural shows, games, exhibitions, concerts and much more. Here you can browse over art and watch as the paintings come to life throughout the streets. 

Cest is d’Best 

For music lovers and those looking to dance and party while in Croatia in June, a trip to Cest d’Best is the place to be. Here you will find a large music festival brimming with a great mix of artists and songs. International performers come here to entertain huge crowds and there are also plenty of other shows in dance, art, and culture happening throughout the event.


There are so many places to explore and things to do in Croatia in June, making it an ideal time to visit this beautiful country. Whether you’re seeking a relaxing break or a jam-packed adventure trip, you will find something here for a range of holiday itineraries. 

The best way to experience all that Croatia has to offer in June is by cruising the country. Cruise Croatia offers a wonderful selection of cruise ships all of which visit the different islands and cities throughout Croatia. If you’re hoping to explore here in style, a cruising adventure is a perfect way to see it all in one visit.

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