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The 11 Best Snorkeling Spots in Croatia

Croatia is a beautiful European country boasting turquoise waters, sandy shores, lush greenery and historical ruins. It is also home to more than 1,000 islands, making it ideal for those seeking a snorkelling adventure. With so many incredible places to dive under the sea and explore marine life, it comes as no surprise that so many search for the best snorkelling in Croatia. 

From the pretty islands to the lovely coast encompassing the cities, you will discover some of the finest places for an underwater voyage. Whether you’re looking to uncover more of the country’s marine life, are in pursuit of a shipwreck, or simply want to spend the day with the family at sea, snorkelling in Croatia won’t disappoint. 

To help ensure you make the most of your time here, we have put together some of the best places for snorkelling in Croatia. Whether you’re planning to explore the historical cities, spend time at the beach or uncover more of the country’s natural beauty, there is something for all when visiting this beautiful part of Europe.

When is the Swimming Season in Croatia?

Martinica Beach
Swimming in Croatia

Before you embark on your snorkelling adventure, it’s first important to know about swimming in Croatia. The water temperature changes throughout the year, so before diving into the sea, here’s a little more information to help get you started. 

Anytime from June to September is known for being the best for swimming in Croatia. This is when the Adriatic Sea is at its warmest with temperatures averaging around 25°C, creating a comfortable atmosphere for those looking to snorkel.

It is possible to swim in Croatia during other times of the year. The sea temperature in spring and autumn is generally around 18°C, with slight variations throughout these months. Visitors often find that it is far too cold to swim here in winter as the sea temperatures can drop to around 10°C!

1. Krk Island

Baska Beach, Krk, Croatia
Mobile Krk Island

To kickstart the best places for snorkelling in Croatia, Krk Island is a must! Here you will find varying landscapes from ancient ruins to pristine beaches and excellent swimming opportunities. The water surrounding the island allows for perfect visibility, great for those looking to dive into the Adriatic Sea and explore what lies beneath. 

There is a great mix of both sandy and rocky shores throughout Krk Island, perfect for a range of visitors. For those staying here with family, be sure to check out Glavotok or Sveti Marek. The former offers calm waters, ideal for those snorkelling with little ones. Whereas the latter allows for a more thrilling adventure with its network of underwater caves and tunnels.

2. Vis Island


Vis Island is popular among tourists for its lovely scenery and excellent attractions. It provides the perfect place to relax and unwind as its isolated position creates a peaceful atmosphere for all to enjoy. Being the furthest island from Croatia’s mainland means that tourists can partake in a true adventure when visiting here. 

There are also some excellent snorkelling opportunities on Vis, with Stiniva being a favoured spot. Here you can enjoy unpolluted waters and excellent visibility. Be sure to also check out the unique destinations such as Green Cave, Blue Cave, plus many more. You’re sure to appreciate a trip to Vis Island as the blend of dramatic landscapes and shimmering waters provide an ideal place for swimming in the country.

3. Brijuni National Park

Brijuni National Park, Croatia
Brijuni, Croatia

Brijuni National Park is close to the frequented city of Pula, creating a convenient destination for those staying here. It provides visitors with the opportunity to see one of the country’s beautiful national parks, alongside the chance to experience one of Croatia’s best snorkelling places. 

When snorkelling in Brijuni expect to encounter an array of fish, sea urchins, crabs and more during your swim. There are also plenty of historical sites around the park, great for those looking to learn more about the country. Its excellent mix of wildlife, scenery and interesting ruins make Brijuni National Park an unmissable spot when visiting Croatia.

4. Dubrovnik

Banje Beach, Dubrovnik
Infinity Cruise ship leaving Dubrovnik

It comes as no surprise that many tourists are interested in snorkelling in Dubrovnik, Croatia as the city has much to offer. From its ancient architecture to its impressive city walls, there is something for everyone in this beautiful part of the country. 

After you have spent some time exploring the sights in Dubrovnik, be sure to check out the snorkelling opportunities on offer. Head to Buza Beach to snorkel amidst the clear waters and rocky shores. This is a great spot for families, as you will also discover plenty of restaurants and bars around the beach, perfect for those looking for refreshments during their trip. 

You will also find plenty of other beaches and snorkelling places around Dubrovnik worth visiting. Dance and Gorica are some of the other popular spots here, great for those looking to extend their swimming adventures further.

5. Split

Ovcice Beach, Split
Firule beach in split Croatia

Split is another of Croatia’s prevalent tourist destinations. There is so much to see and do here, making it an ideal place for a range of holiday itineraries. From the historical ruins of Dicletian’s Palace to its impressive Old Town and UNESCO World Heritage Site, there are several interesting sights to uncover. Whether you’re looking to encounter more of Croatia’s history, or simply marvel over impressive architecture, you will find it all in Split

Not only does the city have much to offer guests in terms of sightseeing and attractions, but there are also some excellent snorkelling spots in Split, Croatia. The Blue Lagoon and the nearby town of Trogir have frequented places to snorkel and swim around the metropolis. However, you will also discover some excellent island snorkelling tours in Croatia, many of which take place from stunning Split.

6. Makarska Riviera

Makarska Riviera
Makarska Riviera

The Makarska Riviera is situated between the towns of Brela and Gradac and stretches for around 60 km. When exploring the area, you will discover plenty of pebbly shores and fantastic spots to enjoy some snorkelling. Not only does Makarska Riviera provide guests with stunning scenery and excellent swimming opportunities, but the shores here are often quieter in comparison to the much busier cities of Split and Dubrovnik. 

When snorkelling around the Makarska Riviera, look out for a variety of marine life such as starfish, octopus and much more. The secluded beaches also allow visitors to escape the hustle and bustle to enjoy a truly relaxing snorkelling experience.

7. Mljet Island

Mljet National Park, Croatia

There are plenty of amazing islands in Croatia for snorkelling, however, Mljet is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful. Often, locals and tourists alike head to the Odisej Cave for an unbeatable snorkelling experience. Here you can explore the deep waters and dramatic cliffs that descend into the sea. There are opportunities to either float on the surface here or dive much deeper for those looking for a thrilling adventure. 

 You will also discover the Sveta Marija on Mljet Island, great for those looking to snorkel around south Dalmatia. Here you will discover a plethora of fish and other marine life, many of which are protected by the national park. Mljet is an untamed haven, providing many more incredible spots for those looking to snorkel in outstanding natural beauty.

8. Korcula Island

Korcula Bay
Zitna Bay, Korcula, Croatia

Another of the best snorkelling places in Croatia is Korcula Island. The isle is renowned for its excellent sightseeing and things to do, attracting tourists throughout the year. There are a few places to snorkel on Korcula, meaning you can enjoy the variety on offer here. 

Raznjic and Proizd have favoured spots for those looking to snorkel whilst visiting the island. Situated on the eastern tip of Korcula, Raznjic provides guests with impressive cliffs and rocks that plunge into the water below. There are some excellent sightings in the area, with opportunities to see plenty of small fish and other marine life. 

Proizd is great for those looking to voyage further, as this little isle is nestled away just off Korcula. Its shallow waters and excellent visibility provide the perfect place for the whole family to snorkel or relax on the coasts. With a plethora of hidden coves and secluded shores around Korcula Island, you’re sure to find the perfect place for a snorkelling trip whilst visiting here.

9. Hvar Island

Paklinski Islands, Hvar, Croatia
Wine tasting in Hvar

Hvar is one of the most famous islands in Croatia and is best known for its fantastic beaches, stunning lavender fields and crystal clear waters. This makes it an ideal spot for those looking to enjoy some snorkelling and swimming during their stay. 

Several excellent sites around Hvar offer great snorkelling. These include Tarsce Bay, Beach Eva, Stiniva and the Blue Cave, Zukova Bay, Milna and much more. With so many places to choose from, you will find yourself spoilt for choice when visiting here. 

No matter where you choose to go, you’re sure to enjoy all that Hvar’s snorkelling has to offer, alongside its pretty scenery and vibrant nightlife.

10. Dugi Otok

Veli Rat, Dugi Otok, Croatia
Dugi Otok, Croatia

For those visiting Zadar, be sure to check out the snorkelling around Dugi Otok. This is one of the best places to enjoy an underwater experience in Croatia and is perfect for those looking to uncover more of the country’s natural parks. There are two parks here, Telascica and Kornati, both of which display breathtaking scenery and fascinating wildlife. 

When exploring the parks around Dugi Otok, you will discover several sandy shores worth checking out. These beautiful spots provide the ideal location for those looking to swim and snorkel. Here you will discover different species of fish, alongside some interesting reefs. 

Another popular snorkelling destination around Dugi Otok is the Lagnici Cliffs. This allows snorkelers to explore a shipwreck that is now home to coral reefs and an array of sea life. Telascica Bay and Brbiscica Cave are just some of the other favoured spots around Dugi Otok, perfect for those looking to try different snorkelling during their stay. Plus, the pretty surroundings, turquoise waters and peaceful atmosphere allow for a relaxing day for a range of visitors.

11. Bisevo Island

Bisevo Island
Cave Bisevo

Bisevo Island is another of Croatia’s stunning isles and is most famous for its outstanding Blue Cave. However, due to its popularity visitors often miss the other 26 caves surrounding the island, creating the perfect place to explore whilst snorkelling. 

There is also no running water, shops or cars allowed on Bisevo, forming the perfect place for those seeking a little tranquillity during their visit. Not only does the island allow for utter serenity, but the magnificent scenery, excellent snorkelling destinations and calming atmosphere permit guests to escape the hustle and bustle that some of the prevalent islands bring. 

Be sure to spend some time exploring the Blue Cave during your trip to Bisevo, as this natural wonder is one not to miss. Here you find yourself captivated by the changing colours and different lights that reflect through the water. You can also discover a plethora of sea life throughout the cave, providing a magical experience for all.


It is clear to see that Croatia is a magnificent country for those seeking a snorkelling experience. The many islands here provide endless opportunities to explore all that marine life has to offer. Whether you’re looking to snorkel with the whole family or dive deeper into the sea, there is something for all when visiting this outstanding part of Europe. 

For those looking to explore the favoured islands and cities of Croatia, there is no better way to do this than by travelling by ship. Cruise Croatia offers an outstanding selection of small and larger cruises, perfect for a range of holiday itineraries. Visiting some of the best parts of the country, travelling to Croatia by cruise is the best way to see all that this beautiful place has to offer.