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Croatia in May

If you’re looking to plan your next getaway, there is no better place to visit than Croatia. The country boasts more than 1,000 islands, alongside serene beaches, historic sights and pretty towns and cities. There is something here for everyone, making it an ideal destination for a family trip or romantic break. 

Many visitors choose to explore Croatia in May as this is a great time to avoid the busy crowds that summer brings. The weather is pleasant with comfortable temperatures and the atmosphere is great as locals begin to prepare for peak season. You can spend your time lounging on the sandy shores or exploring the many ancient ruins around the country. No matter what you do, a visit to Croatia in May is sure to impress.

Before planning your trip to Croatia, we suggest learning a little more about the country in May. To help get you started, we’ve gathered everything you need to know below. Check out our recommendations and get ready to explore this stunning part of Europe.

Weather In Croatia In May

Excelsior Hotel Dining, Dubrovnik
Croatia Sailing Yachts

Croatia is a vast country with different regions. With this in mind, the weather can vary depending on where you choose to visit here. Temperatures average around 15°C to 23°C in May, with slight variations in the islands and cities throughout. This provides an excellent time to get out and explore as the comfortable climate creates a great atmosphere for those looking to get active during their break. 

You will also find that Croatia generally presents plenty of sunshine in May, with occasional showers. For those looking to stroll along sandy shores, uncover history in the towns and cities, or scour the many islands across the country, the weather here in May allows for the perfect time to do so.

Adriatic Sea Temperature in Croatia in May

Murvica Beach
Banje Beach

Another of the main draws to Croatia is the beautiful beaches here. Scattered throughout the many islands across the country, you will find sandy shores for all. For those planning a trip in May, you can still spend some time on the coast with average sea temperatures of around 18°C. This is a lovely time to take a dip. 

May is when the sea starts to warm up, providing an excellent time to make the most of swimming, snorkelling and watersports in Croatia before the summer crowds arrive. However, if you’d rather sit back and take in the stunning coastal vistas, you can do so in comfortable warm temperatures.

Best Places To Visit In Croatia In May

Dubrovnik Walls

Croatia is a country that offers plenty of opportunities for exploration and adventure. With this in mind, a trip here simply isn’t complete without visiting some of the best places. There are towns and cities to explore, alongside pretty islands brimming with nature. Below is a list of the best places to visit in May, perfect for those hoping to take advantage of the top attractions without the hustle and bustle. 

Dubrovnik in May

Dubrovnik is a stunning historical city situated in the Dalmatia region of Croatia. Here you will find plenty of historical sites, alongside breathtaking coastal scenery and intriguing architecture. With shops, restaurants and bars scattered throughout the city, it comes as no surprise that a trip to Dubrovnik is one of the best things to do in Croatia. 

A trip to this wonderful city in May provides visitors with the unique opportunity to explore the top attractions without the busy crowds. Croatia is generally quieter in May, making it ideal for those looking for the best things to do in Dubrovnik during this time. 

Be sure to spend some time marvelling over the ancient city walls, alongside a stroll through the magnificent Old Town of Dubrovnik. No matter where you go during your trip to the city, you’re sure to be impressed by the history, heritage and culture throughout the picturesque streets here. 

Split in May 

Another favoured place to visit in Croatia is the attractive city of Split. It has been luring tourists for many years and continues to impress with its neverending list of things to do and see. Much like Dubrovnik, Split is also much quieter in May in comparison to the summer period. This provides a great time to explore the renowned Diocletian Palace, Peristil Square, St Duje’s Cathedral, Klis Fortress and much more. 

For history lovers and city explorers, a trip to Split is sure to impress. Spend some time marvelling over the ancient architecture throughout the city, or simply relax in one of the many eateries whilst indulging in excellent cuisine. With so many places to wander, a trip to Split is great for a range of itineraries. 

Zagreb in May

We couldn’t write an article about the top things to do in Croatia, without including the capital city of Zagreb! A trip here provides visitors with a true sense of the country’s culture and heritage, making for an excellent day out for all. With a host of things to do, you will find something for the whole family when visiting wonderful Zagreb. 

May, in particular, is a great time to immerse yourself in the different festivities happening throughout Zagreb. Be sure to check out the Zagreb Beer Festival, perfect for those hoping to try a wide variety of beers, alongside great food. 

For those seeking a wholesome affair, the Floraart Festival is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the pretty flora at this wonderful flower and garden event. Summer on Strosu is another exciting celebration to enjoy during this time, with music and fun activities happening from around May to September in the city, you will find something for the whole family here.  

With so much happening throughout the streets of Zagreb, you’re bound to find something here no matter who you travel with.  

Korcula in May

Korcula is one of the many wonderful islands in Croatia. It is the sixth largest island in the country and provides an array of things to do for a range of holiday itineraries. One of the main draws for visitors is the beautiful Korcula Old Town. The historic streets and quaint cobblestone alleys provide an idyllic day out for the whole family. 

Be sure to enjoy the walk to the top of the hill in Korcula Town where you will find stunning panoramic views of the island and out to sea. For those desiring a more relaxing trip, there are also plenty of shops, restaurants and bars worth checking out in the town, creating an ideal atmosphere to simply sit back and relax. 

Pula in May

When looking for things to do and see in Croatia in May, a great option is the beautiful city of Pula. There are some incredible historical sites worth exploring here, alongside plenty of cultural events and festivities. 

One of the main reasons why tourists visit Pula is to marvel over the impressive Roman Amphitheatre. The ancient structure dates back between 27 BC and AD 68, providing a unique part of the city worth checking out. This is one of the oldest Roman Arenas and a great place to visit for those hoping to learn more about the country’s history and heritage. 

You will also discover several excellent shops, restaurants and bars around Pula. A trip to these lovely eateries in May is great for those looking to avoid tourist crowds and queuing, as the city is generally much quieter during this time. 

Rovinj in May 

If you’re visiting Croatia in May for a romantic getaway, the lovely town of Rovinj is the perfect place to go. Its charming atmosphere and stunning architecture make for an ideal break for couples or those on their honeymoon. 

The gorgeous Old Town in Rovinj comprises idyllic winding streets and hidden squares, perfect for those seeking a little seclusion whilst on their getaway. You will also find historical structures here like the St. Euphemia Church, ideal for those hoping to learn more about the town’s heritage. 

Head to the sandy shores for a relaxing day at the beach, partake in a luxury boat tour, or spend some time indulging in local cuisine. Rovinj is the perfect place to relax and unwind, all whilst enjoying a beautiful setting. 

The Best Things To Do In Croatia In May

Krka National Park

Alongside visiting some of the best places in Croatia, there are also plenty of great things to do throughout the country. Below are some of the highlights to consider before embarking on your next adventure here. 

Indulge in Zagreb Food Tour

Once you have seen all the attractions in Zagreb, be sure to partake in a food tour. This is a great way to learn more about the country’s traditional cuisine, alongside the opportunity to sample some tasty treats. These tours allow you to try local specialities, visit farmer’s markets, browse the food shops and test the restaurants, all whilst learning more about Croatia’s customs. 

This is an excellent way to experience more of Croatia, all whilst indulging in some incredible food along the way! 

Explore Krka National Park 

If you’re seeking adventurous things to do in Croatia, a trip to Krka National Park will certainly do the trick. Here you will find a stunning part of the country, brimming with natural wonders and impressive landscapes. Spend some time exploring the park and learning more about the wildlife here. 

Krka is situated in Southern Croatia and also provides the perfect opportunity to see an impressive network of the country’s spectacular waterfalls. 

Enjoy a Sibenik Day Tour

Exploring the stunning historic city of Sibenik is an excellent way to spend your time in Croatia. Here you will find natural beauty in abundance, impressive cultural events, captivating beaches and history that date back to the 11th century. 

With so much to see in Sibenik, the best way to experience it all is by partaking in a tour. This way you can wander the city with ease, all whilst learning more about its history and heritage from an experienced guide.

Events in Croatia in May

Cathedral of St. James, Sibenik

For those hoping to learn more about the traditions of Croatia, there is no better way to do so than by attending a local event. There are some excellent festivities held in the country during May, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in fun celebrations and intriguing customs. 

Depending on your preferences, there are a host of festivals to enjoy during this time. Be sure to check out the Festival of Flowers in Split, Sveti Duje to celebrate Split’s patron saint, the celebration of Marco Polo on Korcula and many more. 

These events provide an excellent opportunity to experience some amazing food and drink, alongside parades, music and costumes. There is no better way to fully immerse yourself in all that the country has to offer than by attending a traditional festivity.


A trip to Croatia in May is perfect for an array of travellers. With so much happening throughout the country, you will find yourself spoilt for choice. Whether you choose to spend your time relaxing on pristine sandy shores, exploring quaint villages, or uncovering history in the many ancient cities, there is something for all during this time. 

If you’re organising a trip to Croatia in May, there is no better way to see all that the country has to offer than by cruising the islands. Cruise Croatia has a fantastic selection of ships, suitable for a range of holiday itineraries. Stopping off at some of the top cities and attractions in the country, a cruising experience is perfect for those aiming to see more of Croatia in one trip. Whether you’re seeking a smaller cruise for an intimate sailing adventure, or something a little bigger, you will find something for all with Cruise Croatia.

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