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The Best Places in Croatia for Nightlife

Croatia is a stunning country in eastern Europe. Made up of approximately 1,000 islands, the archipelago provides the perfect place for those seeking a beautiful place to explore. With pristine beaches and breathtaking scenery, it comes as no surprise that there are so many choices here for a relaxing getaway.

There is an adventure at every twist and turn in Croatia. Whether you’re seeking a holiday exploring stunning national parks or would prefer to enjoy the exciting water sports along the sandy shores, there is something for everyone in this beautiful country.

Visitors also find that there is some of the best nightlife in Croatia. However, other well-known European party destinations often overshadow the lively side of the country. With buzzing towns and cities, tourists can choose from a variety of vibrant venues to dance their way through the night.

If you’re seeking where to stay in Croatia for beaches and nightlife, we’ve got you covered! Below you will find the best beach clubs and party destinations around the Croatian Islands. We highlight the fabulous nightlife in Dubrovnik, Pag Island, Hvar and Split, showcasing the very best of evenings in Croatia. This way, you can visit here with the top spots in mind to make the most of the celebrations in this stunning part of Europe.

Dubrovnik Croatia Nightlife

Excelsior Hotel Dining, Dubrovnik
Red wine, Dubrovnik

One of the most popular places to visit in Croatia is undoubtedly Dubrovnik. Here you will find an ancient city brimming with lots to do and plenty to see. With historical ruins, mouthwatering restaurants and excellent shopping, tourists often flock here to experience all it has to offer.

However, Dubrovnik is also one of the best places for nightlife in Croatia, especially during the summer months. This is when the city is at its busiest, providing a great atmosphere for those looking to dance and party whilst staying here. Below are just a few favoured spots, each of which caters to different types of holiday itineraries.

Banje Beach Club

Dubrovnik is known for its great beaches, making Banje Beach Club the perfect place for those looking to enjoy a great environment whilst on the sandy shores. The club hosts a popular sunset party, where guests can make the most of the stunning coastal vistas as the sun sets on the horizon.

With lavish cocktails and a cosmopolitan atmosphere, guests can enjoy some luxury whilst making the most of Dubrovnik’s nightlife at Banje Beach Club. If you fancy heading out early for a bite to eat and a couple of drinks, there is also a great menu to try here.

Banje provides the perfect place to make the most of a relaxing night out in Dubrovnik. With exceptional coastal scenery, great food and drink and a lively atmosphere, you couldn’t ask for a better place to enjoy the city’s night scene.

Club Lazareti

For anyone seeking a night full of music and dancing, Club Lazareti is the place for you. Situated close to Banje Beach Club, visitors can enjoy food and drinks here and then head to Lazareti to make the most of the lively scene. It’s one of the best dance clubs in Croatia and promises a night of fun and partying. 

Club Lazareti is a particularly popular spot in Dubrovnik, so you’ll often find it brimming with tourists and locals alike. Not only does this provide the perfect place to dance and party in the city, but it also stays open till 4 am, allowing for plenty of time to make the most of the lively nightlife here.

Buzz Bar

For those seeking a cosy and intimate place to enjoy a few drinks in Dubrovnik, Buzz Bar is where you should go. Here you will find a small venue close to the Old Town of the city. Don’t let its size fool you though, as Buzz Bar has a great selection of drinks to choose from, making for the perfect place for those looking to try out the different options.

The bar allows for the perfect place to relax and talk, with music playing in the background and a chilled atmosphere. This is the ideal place for those seeking a night out in Dubrovnik with a little less hustle and bustle!

Culture Club Revelin

Situated on the edge of Dubrovnik’s Old Town is Culture Club Revelin. This is a frequented spot among tourists and locals, providing the perfect place to get into the party spirit. Not only can you spend your time here dancing and raving through the night, but its location is outstanding. Located inside the 16th-century Revelin Fortress, you won’t find anywhere quite as impressive to enjoy a night out in Croatia!

Pag Island Croatia Nightlife

Pag, Croatia

Pag Island is renowned for its pristine beaches and secluded sandy coves. Its peaceful landscapes and breathtaking scenery make it the ideal hideaway for anyone seeking a relaxing getaway. The island isn’t as busy as some other popular spots in Croatia, but there are certainly a few places to enjoy a night out when visiting Pag.

Zrce Beach

A favoured destination for many on Pag Island is Zrce Beach. Here you can enjoy some excellent festivals and a vibrant atmosphere during the peak season. It’s one of the best places to visit in Croatia for nightlife and music, perfect for visitors seeking electric evenings. 

Zrce Beach has several beach clubs and open-air venues, each with its own unique atmosphere. This means no matter your party style, there truly is something for everyone. You will find outdoor dance floors, pool parties and stages right by the sea, providing a spectacular setting for summer nightlife in Croatia.

Noa Beach Club

One of the best places to party in Croatia is undoubtedly Noa Beach Club. The huge venue consists of 11 bars, a large dance floor and great music. Not only is the club massive, but as the area fills up with lively tourists and locals, the atmosphere is unmatched. It’s one of the best party places in Croatia and a must-visit for anyone looking to experience the nightlife on Pag Island. 

Noa is also positioned on the beach on Pag Island, providing visitors with both an excellent location and a lively night out. Whether you choose to attend a Croatia beach party on the sandy shores, make the most of the many boat parties or dance the night away in the club, you can do it all at Noa. Since the beach club is open until 6 am, there is more than enough time to relish in the buzz on Pag Island.

Hvar Croatia Nightlife

Hvar Night

Hvar Island attracts visitors each year, mainly for its attractive landscapes and historical background. Here you can marvel over the stunning harbour, wander through the quaint streets or simply relax in one of the exceptional eateries. There is so much to see and do on the island, that you will find yourself needing more time just to experience it all.

With so much happening during the day, it comes as no surprise that the nightlife in Hvar also has plenty to offer. With lively bars and clubs, there are several great places to enjoy a night out on the island. Below are some of the most popular spots to try out while visiting Hvar.

Carpe Diem

After wandering the streets of Hvar during the day, go to the pretty harbour on the island and take a boat ride to Stipanska. Here you will find the lively Carpe Diem, an outdoor venue on its very own island. This provides a party like no other, with live DJs, buzzing crowds and vibrant music, you will find yourself immersed in the vibrant atmosphere.

It is important to note that you must keep an eye on the time when partying at Carpe Diem. With the only way to get back to Hvar being by water taxi, don’t miss the last one back!

Hula Hula Beach Bar

For anyone looking for the perfect blend of partying and beach life, Hula Hula is the place to be. Hvar is renowned for its exceptional nightlife, but this particular beach bar in Croatia takes it to the next level. Situated on the stunning sandy shores, guests can enjoy the breathtaking sunsets as the music plays in the background and the cocktails flow.

Kiva Bar

Another popular party destination on Hvar Island is Kiva Bar. Here you can enjoy an authentic night out in Croatia. Kiva is situated in an old building, allowing guests to enjoy the party scene in a lovely setting. What’s more, the bar gets so busy during the summer months, party partygoers are often found spilling out into the street, where they continue to chat and dance.

This is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a true sense of a Croatian night out, all whilst enjoying the lively atmosphere and great drinks. There is often live music which adds to the ambience of the venue. It’s a great place to visit in Croatia for nightlife and invites travelers to savour classic cocktails, local draught beers and delicious Croatian wine.

Split Croatia Nightlife

Split Night
Dubrovnik to Split Cruises

Tourists head to Split to enjoy its cultural background and historical sights. During the day, the city is brimming with renowned attractions and activities for all types of holidaymakers. Its stunning architecture and fascinating heritage make it a popular place for many visiting Croatia. However, the city also boasts a fantastic night scene with lively bars and clubs scattered throughout.

With so many to choose from, we have narrowed it down to some of the best in Split. This way you can visit here with all the top places in mind!

ShotGun Shooters Bar

For a cosy setting and lively atmosphere, ShotGun Shooters Bar should certainly be on your list of places to party in Split. Here you will find a great drinks menu, all at reasonable prices. With music and parties happening from 8 pm to 1 am on weekdays or 8 pm to 2 am on weekends, guests can enjoy all that this small venue has to offer when visiting Split.

Taboo Beach Bar

If you happen to find yourself enjoying a day at the beach and would like to extend your stay, Taboo Beach Bar is a great option. With music, dancing and great drinks, there is no better place to enjoy a night out than Taboo.

The decor throughout the beach bar is all white, providing the perfect setting to party in style in Split. Watch as the sun sets out to sea as you enjoy one of the great cocktails from the bar. Taboo also has a great food menu, meaning you can start your evening enjoying delicious cuisine, with drinks and dancing afterwards.

Academia Club Ghetto

Located just outside of the renowned Diocletian’s Palace, is the unique Academia Club Ghetto. The setting here is completely different from any of the other evening venues in Split. With bohemian decor and amazing music, this is a favoured spot for many in the city. Make the most of the intriguing venue and fascinating atmosphere as you enjoy some great drinks and party through the night.

Cocktail Bar GAGA

Located near Academia Club Ghetto is Cocktail Bar Gaga, providing the perfect spot to try out both places in one night! Nestled away in one of the alleyways near Diocletian’s Palace is this hidden beauty. Not only will you find a fantastic setting to enjoy a night out in Split, but the lively atmosphere and huge selection of drinks will keep you going all night long.

Marvlvs Library Jazz Bar

For music lovers and jazz in particular, Marvlvs Library Jazz Bar is a must when visiting Split. Situated inside the ancient Diocletian’s Palace, this bar provides the perfect atmosphere to enjoy a night out in the city, all whilst soaking up the incredible architecture and history of the palace.

Marvlvs is the perfect place for a relaxing night out in Split. The chilled atmosphere and intimate environment provide an ideal spot for couples seeking a couple of drinks in a quieter setting. With music, historical findings and a great selection of drinks on offer, you couldn’t ask for much more than Marvlvs Library Jazz Bar.

FAQ’s about Nightlife in Croatia

Is alcohol cheap in Croatia?

Those looking for cheap nightlife will be pleased to know that Croatia is one of the most affordable countries in Western Europe. Tourist hotspots in Croatia will likely have higher prices than less popular destinations, but you can still find plenty of ways to stay within your budget.

Alcohol in Croatia is quite cheap, especially if you go for local options. You can pay anywhere from €2 to €3 for a pint of Croatian beer, whereas imported brands may be more expensive. If you’re worried about Croatia being expensive, rest assured it’s one of the best value-for-money destinations in the Mediterranean.  

When is the best time to visit Croatia for nightlife?

To get the best experience of nightlife in Croatia, the summer months are the best time to visit. This is the peak tourist season in Croaria, starting in June and ending in late August. This period brings the best weather to Croatia, meaning you can enjoy scorching days on the beach and mild evenings perfect for partying. 

Summer is also when you’ll find some of the best festivals in Croatia, which makes it an ideal time to visit for nightlife. It is worth noting that you can still visit Croatia in the shoulder and off seasons, but many venues close down after the main summer rush. 

Is Split or Dubrovnik better for nightlife?

Both Split and Dubrovnik are great places to visit in Croatia for nightlife, but the better option will largely depend on your own preferences. Split enjoys a lively atmosphere and draws travellers in with its beachside promenade and open-air parties. On the other hand, Dubrovnik has an enchanting historical charm that perfectly complements its sensational nightlife and is much more laid back compared to Split.


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There are many more places to enjoy a great night out in Croatia. Depending on where you decide to stay will determine where to go. With more islands and cities to explore, the country’s nightlife has lots to offer, as well as catering to a range of holiday itineraries. No matter where you choose to go, you will discover a country brimming with cosy bars, lively clubs and beautiful settings, perfect for making the most of your evenings here.

If you’re planning a trip to Croatia, cruising the islands is the best way to see all that the country has to offer. Cruise Croatia offers an excellent collection of ships for all types of travellers. Not only are you able to see more of the top attractions in one trip, but these cruises also allow passengers to travel in complete luxury.

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