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The medieval, fortified city of Ston is situated on a cape of land, connecting the Peljesac Peninsula to the mainland. It is well known for its very well preserved town walls, its salt works and its appetizing oysters. The ancient city walls are considerably longer than those of Dubrovnik at 3 miles and sometimes referred to as the ‘European Walls of China.’ Today Ston is a sleepy, laid-back fishing town with some dramatic views, olive groves and absolutely stunning coastline. Many of our small-ship cruises, visit the area and you will also be able to sample the award-winning oysters at the oyster farm in Mali Ston.

Slano is an authentic village with a small harbor in the bay of the same name.  In the hills surrounding the village, there are many Greek and roman ruins and monuments, with the most prominent being  the Roman castrum at the Gradina Hill.

Cruises where you will visit Slano/ Ston

Things to do in Ston/ Slano

Slano Ston

Visit the Saltworks

The famous salt pans stretching southeast of Ston are thought to be among the oldest in the Mediterranean, in more or less constant use for 4000 years. The basic method of production hasn’t radically changed since the Middle Ages – the pans fill with seawater, which evaporates in the summer heat, leaving a residue of salt that is then shovelled manually into barrows.


Taste the Oysters at the Oyster Farm in Mali Ston

The bay of Mali Ston has been famous for seashell cultivation since the days of the Roman Empire and today still provides the largest oyster cultivation facilities in the Adriatic. It is renowned in the Condé Nast Traveller, in 7th place on the its recent ’50 Things to do in Europe before you die’ list. During our cruise, you will be taken out to the farm on a traditional and beautiful wooden boat to sample the oysters, along with the local liqueur of myrtle in incredible surroundings.  You will also be able to enjoy the oysters, with a glass of the local white wine, pošip during the tour of the Oyster farm.

Ston walls

Walk the Old City Walls and Old Town of Ston

These historic walls run from Mali Ston to the small harbor over the hill and are the longest fortified walls in Europe at 3 miles in length. The dramatic views of the beautiful Croatian countryside, the ancient salt beds and the glistening Adriatic from the top, is definitely worth the climb. Don’t forget your camera.

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